Big Win for US Energy As Eco-Alarmists Threaten ‘Global Boiling’


The United States Supreme Court ruled that the gas pipeline can be built. The Court has ruled that the 303-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline can resume construction, delivering a massive blow to the radical climate cult that tried to stop it.

“At a time when energy independence is slipping from America’s fingers under the Biden-Harris regime, at least one Democrat is pleased by the decision. Senator Joe Manchin has fought to keep the pipeline going, including his spearheading legislative efforts to improve it in the first place,” Liberty Daily reports.

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge Writes

PJM Interconnection LLC declared another Energy Emergency Alert Level 1 through Friday. Excessive heat advisories and warnings cover much of PJM’s grid across 13 states, from Illinois to New Jersey, with over 65 million customers.

Here’s the map:


How did PJM become so unreliable all of a sudden? Well, PJM published a study earlier this year that showed the alarming trend of state and federal decarbonization policies across the grid that “present increasing reliability risks during the transition, due to a potential timing mismatch between resource retirements, load growth and the pace of new generation entry.”

So before corporate media blames ‘climate change’ for power grid woes, remember decarbonization policies have sparked these instabilities.


Antonio Guterres now claims we’re leaving the era of global warming and entering the era of global BOILING. If you believe that, you are beyond hope.


Ideologically Driven by the Radical Left

As usual, the recent heat wave hysteria in the media was neatly masterminded and coordinated by climate change activist groups.

Fox News:

Government researchers have been tracking heat waves for more than 100 years. According to data from the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, which is made available by the Environmental Protection Agency, the annual heat wave index for the contiguous 48 states was substantially higher in the 1930s than at any point in recent years. In some years in the 1930s, it was four times greater or even more.

Additionally, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a large database of daily temperatures that goes back to 1948. NOAA used 1,066 weather stations located across the U.S. to collect this data.

According to NOAA, huge swaths of the U.S. have experienced a significant decrease in abnormally hot days recorded since 1948, especially in the Midwest and northern and eastern Texas.

The weather alarmists pick and choose the beginning and end points to further their lie and it is a lie. They left out the 30s.

The ugly truth behind climate alarmism is that much of it is driven by a radical ideological agenda, not by science. The agenda seeks to transform the global economy and American society.

The New York Intelligencer magazine called it the ‘Worldwide Heatwave.’ According to the UN, it has ‘engulfed the Northern Hemisphere,’ writes Paul Homewood.

“It was nothing of the sort, simply the usual mix of hot and cold weather we see every year. Spot the difference, for instance, between this month and July 1998 HERE!”:

“Much of the media coverage of the European heatwave appears to have been based more on forecast temperatures, interspersed with ‘record-breaking’ headlines, rather than factual reporting of what happened, continued Homewood.



  1. Senator Joe Manchin has fought to keep the pipeline going.”
    No, Manchin sold his soul to Schumer for an empty promise the pipeline would be built. Then the irrational tree huggers filed suit to stop it and Schumer threw Manchin under the bus. I’m sure W.VA voters won’t forget this nor his other stabbing the backs of W.Va. citizens.

  2. McCarthy needs to do his job instead of getting PR by bragging about what a court did. He gets no credit for it. He implements no policies to control the federal government overreach.

    The climate hoax is another way the NWO wants to rob and depopulate us.

  3. As one wise person asked: How are these overheated climatologists planning to control sunspots?
    Humans really are puny, especially in comparison to an all wise Creator,.


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