Billions in Pandemic Fraud Might Be Lost


The ‘Justice’ Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz issued a report on the management and coordination of allegations and referrals of Pandemic-relief funds. To sum up, we wasted a small fortune and will probably never see that money again.

The GOP warned this would happen since no oversight was put into place, but it was pushed as an “emergency.” It’s as if Democrats want the US economy to collapse.

The US provided $5 trillion in pandemic funding.

The OIG recommended the DOJ address “fraud by enhancing the tracking, management, and notification of fraud referrals and initiated cases.”

According to the report, the OIG opened 200,000 investigations of surges in unemployment insurance fraud since April 1, 2020. Normally, it’s about 100 per year.

Charges have been brought against more than 1,300 individuals for the theft of tens of billions of dollars in aid, but more than 157,000 of the investigations remain ongoing.

The statute of limitations for these fraud cases begin to expire in 2025.

Inspector General Larry Turner warns, “We are concerned that, unless Congress acts to extend the statute of limitations for fraud associated with pandemic-related UI programs, many groups and individuals that have defrauded the UI program may escape justice. The expansion of the statute of limitations would provide investigators and prosecutors time to pursue and hold accountable those who defrauded the UI program and victimized the American people during the pandemic.”



  1. Of course I have no statistics or anything to support this, but I d bet money more leftists cheated the system than conservatives, more leftists got covid money by cheating and lying.


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