Black Americans Agree with the Affirmative Action Ruling


According to polls, most Black and Hispanic Americans agree with the Affirmative Action ruling. The only people upset are some black leaders and white leftist manipulators.

The poll shows:

White: 65% approve, 23% disapprove
Hispanics: 45%-30%
Blacks: 43%-36%

Overall, 59% approve, and 27% disapprove. Americans have disliked Affirmative Action for fifty years, but the elites kept it going.

Blacks and Hispanics can compete with any race on equal terms. They don’t need the elite’s so-called helping hands. And they are capable of getting photo IDs too!

Americans do not like identity politics, but elites keep it going. You won’t find the majority of Americans agreeing on much, but they agree on this. Republicans should run on these issues and on other issues Americans care about.

DEI is destructive.

DEI Is Infiltrating Every Sector of Society

It’s infiltrated schools, business, entertainment, media, and most recently, the military.

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth plans to restructure the Army in accordance with DEI principles. For starters, she wants to ban second-generation recruits and go with people without ties to the military.

She wants girls, drag queens, and gender-confused soldiers.

I fear for the military.



  1. someone said how would you like to be a colored person who worked their asses off to get in, only to have their accomplishment demeaned by affirmative action idiots getting the same degree. We know if they let them in for skin color they will be graduated for the same reason.


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