Black Lives Matter Is In the Red But the Graffiti Artist Made Out


Black Lives Matter could go bankrupt, but we might see rich Marxists step in and help. Currently, BLM global is $8.5 million in the red. Who would ever guess Marxists can’t balance their budget (sarcasm)? At least the graffiti artist and a sister of a board member did well.

Founder Patrisse Cullors’ brother was still paid $1.6 million for ‘security services’ in 2022, while a sister of a board member earned $1.1 million for ‘consulting.’

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, a non-profit that grew from the protest movement and George Soros’s $33 million, is hemorrhaging cash.

The group ran an $8.5 million deficit and saw the value of its investment accounts drop by nearly $10 million, with fundraising down 88% year-on-year. People are getting wise as to where the money is going.

The Washington Free Beacon states that Cullors’s chosen successor, Shalomyah Bowers, hasn’t stopped the bleeding.

Via The Beacon

The financial losses come after a year of missteps and setbacks for the embattled charity. BLM raised just $9.3 million in its 2022 fiscal year, down 88 percent from its haul the year prior. Black Lives Matter was forced to shut off its online fundraising streams in February 2022 due to compliance and transparency issues in several liberal states. The group has blown through two-thirds of the $90 million it raised in the wake of George Floyd’s death in the summer of 2020.

BLM spent about $12 million of those funds on luxury homes in Los Angeles and Toronto. That profligacy did not abate in the 2022 fiscal year when the charity dropped more than $10.5 million on contractors, much of which went to companies linked to Cullors’s friends and family.

Paul and sister Patrisse Cullors, living large.

Cullors’s brother, Paul Cullors, made out especially well. A graffiti artist with no prior experience as a bodyguard, Paul Cullors and his two companies raked in $1.6 million, providing “professional security services” for Black Lives Matter in 2022. Paul Cullors was also one of BLM’s only two paid employees during the year, collecting a $126,000 salary as “head of security” on top of his consulting fees.

Maybe it’s reparations?

This ‘charity’ is a radical left-activist organization. You have never seen them in the ghettos where black children are lured into gangs. Black people are murdered in these areas; nothing goes to them and their families. You won’t see them protesting there.



  1. Wake up you dummies who want socialism/communism. BLM is showing how it works. Those at the top prosper at the expense of those at the bottom and those at the bottom never have a chance at raising to the top.

  2. Laughing! Why am I not surprised. Many major business’ donated millions to the BLM rabbit hole! The “crony” woke capitalists were scammed big time.


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