Blinken Travels to Ukraine with $1B, No Funds for Maui or Florida


Secretary of State Antony Blinken will meet with Ukrainian officials today and their President, George Washington, or is it Abe Lincoln? Blinken’s bringing $1 billion of your hard-earned money with him to Ukraine. No one is bringing one billion dollars to Florida or Maui. To make it worse, Mitch McConnell and his oblivious allies are fine with this.

The White House has asked Congress for a supplemental funding bill that adds money to FEMA’s depleted Disaster Relief Fund (DRF). As we reported, Democrats tacked on 24 billion in new funding for military aid to Ukraine in its battle against Russia instead of a clean bill for Maui and Florida.

The intent of the request is to put Republican politicians into a corner.

Irresponsibly forcing bloated “must-pass” bills through Congress to fund an expensive, far-off war effort lacking in accountability or oversight is nothing new for the D.C. establishment. But this latest effort doesn’t merely break standard procedure in the House and Senate, it also betrays the very definition of what it means to be a representative of the people,” writes Dr. Roberts at Heritage.

The money requested for FEMA is half of what Ukraine would get.

The one billion dollars going to Ukraine should be going to Maui and Florida.


Mitch McConnell is fine with the bill pushing more funding to Ukraine and tying it to help for Maui and Florida. He’s a big spender and hardly much of a Republican, but this is what we have to deal with as our debt balloons to $33 trillion and nations are abandoning the dollar as the reserve currency.

According to Punchbowl News’ morning newsletter, McConnell and other Senate GOP members are going all-in on tying the two vastly different aid packages together for more disastrous spending because the economy hasn’t collapsed yet. They’ll be spending when it does.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is voicing support for the Biden administration’s $40 billion-plus supplemental spending package on Ukraine, border security and domestic disaster relief. Some House Republicans are going to want to split the issue up, especially disaster funding. Others have little or no interest in spending more money on the war in Ukraine.

Senate Democratic and GOP leaders are planning to join arms and pass as many as three bipartisan spending bills next week, as we reported Tuesday. Compare that to the House, where Republicans are finding new ways to struggle to pass even the most partisan pieces of legislation.

Put this all together, and you’ll better understand just how messy this September will be. McCarthy is trying to buy more time beyond Sept. 30 to clear unrealistic House GOP-drafted spending measures. Meanwhile, McConnell and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer —along with senators on both sides of the aisle — are looking to keep the spending measures clean, tidy and bipartisan.

“You look at the prior shutdowns, Republicans basically gave in, and nothing was accomplished,” Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said. “And, in fact, the shutdown didn’t save any money. It actually cost more money.”

Biden is still pretending he cut the deficit by $1.7 trillion, and Mitch lets him lie.



  1. The Hunter/Joe, Burisma corruption paying big, big dividends for Ukraine. Blackmail offers a very strong incentive to do exactly as you’re told. Too bad Fla,, Hawaii, E. Palestine, Texas, and Arizona don’t have that kind of leverage.

  2. I see no protests in Hawaii. I see no one stepping up to file a lawsuit against the government. I see none of the “leaders” in congress speaking on their behalf.

    The election of Mitch as minority leader signified the end of the party to me. Mitch deliberated botched the last 2 elections, worked against conservatives, and colluded with the left. This shows that the party has been infiltrated and taken over. It is like many other things, such as the media, churches, sports teams, products.

    The GOP senate has 15-20 full RINOs, complete sellouts to the base. Nearly all the rest of them are afraid to differ with Mitch on any policy. Capito of WV is especially bad, she is a sleeper.

  3. Our current President is the worst this country has ever seen! He IS compromised and it is so obvious to anyone with a brain. Vote this traitor out this next election! Wake up!


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