Bohemian Grove Men’s Club Is Real


I’m not standing by any of this, just reporting.

Bohemian Grove is real, but how much gossip is included is for you to decide. When Mark Twain formed it, it was just a liberal, often profane club, but it later became more vulgar. Then it allegedly went from a big party to Skull and Bones.

Richard Nixon called it a gay orgy, but who knows how seriously to take the comment.

Some good guys go there. No one really knows what’s going on there now except the elites.

The club was formed in the late 1800s by Mark Twin and began as hedonistic, eventually becoming a kind of frat boy retreat and now it is a totally secret elite think tank.

It was called a playground for the powerful. Now it’s a big secret that no one talks about. It’s invitation only, and is a network, consensus-building think tank for the ruling elite.

Recent photo of the Owl Shrine, Bohemian Grove

It is primarily attended by Republicans because they were usually in tight with corporations.

You can read Dice’s ebook on this link.



  1. Democrat ‘elites’ don’t mention Bo Grove because they have Davos, same damn thing. Bunch of self declared billionaire rulers with too much time/ego on their hands … = the devil’s workshop. World populations suffer as a result.

  2. Knowing how the ‘elite’ like be involved in all manner of activities, I have to consider if this isn’t similar to something as “Conspiracy of Silence”.


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