Bombshell Tucker Interview on J6 That Was Hidden from the Public


Tucker Carlson’s interview with former Capitol Hill Police Chief Christopher Sund is one for the historical record. This was hidden by Fox News. The information about J6 that we are finally hearing was kept from the public for political gain. The administration ignored safety as a violent few lured more than a thousand innocents into the Capitol to parade around and trespass.

It made the hundreds of thousands of innocent rally-goers look bad. The administration was even willing to let people die to achieve their political advantage. Fox hid that information from the public.

This is how communists behave when they are overturning governments.


The Federalist listed seven takeaways from the interview:
  1. DHS, FBI Hid Intelligence From Capitol Police
  2. Milley Wanted to Shut Down D.C. Ahead Of Jan. 6
  3. Congressional Leadership Denied National Guard Requests Before and During Riot
  4. Secret Service Turned Over One Text to J6 Committee
  5. New Jersey State Police Arrived to Help Before National Guard
  6. Sund Wasn’t Told About Federal Informants Present at the Capitol
  7. Lawmakers Didn’t Want Sund to Testify

SUND: “You have the United States military, Secretary of Defense or acting Secretary of Defense Miller, and General Milley had both discussed locking down the city of Washington D.C. because they were so worried about violence at the Capitol on January 6. On Sunday and Monday, they had been discussing locking down the city, revoking permits on Capitol Hill because of the concern for violence.

“You know who issues the permits on Capitol Hill for demonstrations – I do.

“You know who wasn’t told? Me!

“Instead, on January 4th … Miller … puts out a memo restricting the National Guard from carrying various weapons, any weapons, any civil disobedience equipment that would be utilized for the very demonstrations or violence that he sees coming. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

TUCKER: “Wait, wait, so the military says we’re so concerned about potential imminent violence that we considering shutting down the city, but at the very same time, they decide that the National Guard can’t adopt an aggressive posture?”

Chief Sound

SUND: “Right, right … because they’re gonna be deploying National Guard to assist Washington D.C. with crowd control at metros and some of the traffic control areas, but they put this out on January 4th specific to January 5th and 6th. …This direction affected the National Guard in Virginia and Maryland. When I was calling, begging for assistance on January 6th, they weren’t allowed to respond at first…

“Governor Hogan, he did a press conference saying he was begging to respond, and he was being denied by the Pentagon all because of the [memo]…

Milley Was Hearing About Threats to Kill People

“When you talk about the military, General Milley, you know we’re now finding out, and it’s not from me. This is from Carol Leonnig, you know, investigative reporter with the Washington Post, has found that he was using data miner on his own, coming across intelligence …he’s picking up.

“Intelligence talking about killing members of Congress and attacking the United States Capitol, and he’s not telling me. He’s telling Select members of Congress. …that’s concerning as hell because as the chief of police, you know… there’s a duty to warn there, and I should be told so I can take the necessary action.

Trump rally Jan 6

“I don’t know who else he was telling, but he sure wasn’t telling me. Again, what could possibly be the explanation for that? You know, I’m not really sure, you know, I’ve done many national special security events, and this was handled differently. No intelligence, no coordination, no discussion in advance.

“It’s almost like they wanted the intelligence to be watered down for some reason.”

There is much more, and it’s even more shocking. It’s worth watching the entire interview.




  1. This officer may have read the saying attributed to Warren Buffet, “If you’ve been playing poker for half an hour and you still don’t know who the patsy is, you’re the patsy.” He was left out of memos and knows something went wrong. The goal was to set up the Trump rally people, hard to even call it a demonstration. But he’ll do if they start complaining and have to free the captives. Why would the FBI not report death threats?… unless they came form FBI informants. I don’t believe the J6 protestors did violent acts I believe they defended themselves and refused to be provoked by FBI and Antifa plants who liked arms with BLM and did violent acts.

  2. As is my wont, I don’t like interviews, podcasts, etc. as they typically are one-sided and without transcripts I don’t have any patience to figure out what was really said. That isn’t a bad thing, but it only shows one viewpoint and that would be the one that the host/interviewer wants to convey.

    That gauntlet thrown down, I did manage to listen to about 18 minutes of it. Since I will not be purchasing Mr. Sund’s book, I guess I’ll wait until another player evolves. I am certain Mr. Sund has skeletons in his past since he, too, is mired with the DC septic tank. I don’t trust any of ’em.

    I am convinced that the J6 protestors were goaded into violent acts and the DC cops were woefully unprepared. The kangaroo court of Pelosi believers will get away with the whole affair. Perhap’s when things are unsealed fifty years from now the truth will come out, but no one will care.

    The USA is a house divided and it is built on sand.


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