Boston U Law Offers Therapy Over SCOTUS Rulings, LOL


If you are a student at Boston University Law School and are distraught over the Supreme Court rulings, you can get therapy – snowflakes. Progressives are fragile.

Remarkably, they don’t seem embarrassed.

The two Court rulings that disturbed the students concern tuition and admissions. The change in admissions bans racism in the selection of students. The other is a rejection of a promise by Joe Biden to make everyone else pay for part of school loans others signed onto. The latter was to lure young people into voting for Biden to get their free money, courtesy of the average working person.

They are logical and legal responses in line with the Constitution. What is Boston Law teaching these students?

Fox News reports that Boston University law students offered therapy in response to recent Supreme Court decisions.

Boston University School of Law students were offered therapy after three controversial Supreme Court decisions this week about affirmative action, religious freedom, and student debt forgiveness.

The BU Law Student Government Association’s (SGA) statement, sent out to law students Friday afternoon, denounced the three Supreme Court decisions of the week: Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard, 303 Creative LLC. v. Elenis, and Biden v. Nebraska.

In an email obtained by Fox News Digital, the student board began by lambasting the Supreme Court’s decision in the Students for Fair Admissions case, which declared race-based affirmative action in college admissions is unconstitutional.

“[The assenting judges] went so far as to say that the race-based admission system uses race as a negative and operates it as a stereotype,” the letter stated. “They may couch their opinion in legal jargon, but we all know what this opinion aims to do: advocate for a ‘colorblind’ admission process.”…

“As a reminder, BU also offers a number of wellness resources that are willing and able to help students navigate these times.”

Several of the elite universities have come out to say they will find a way around it (continuing their racist policies.) They don’t care about the law.



  1. Hey, let’s get rid of the supreme court justices and randomly select Law professors or administrators from BU Law School to fill their spots. That would assure student ‘rights’ and excessive salaries the Law faculty.


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