Breaking…Fox News Sent a Cease & Desist Letter to Tucker


Fox News must want their ratings to crash. They won’t let Tucker leave Fox, and they won’t put him on air. If he gives a 10-minute talk on Twitter, Fox wants to shut him down. They clearly have a problem with his free speech.

According to someone I know at Fox, Fox’s executive suites and many of their hosts are left-leaning or leftists.

Breitbart wrote:

A cease-and-desist letter has reportedly been sent to Tucker Carlson from his previous employer Fox News over his new Twitter show that went public last week.

Carlson’s show was dumped from their lineup before it was announced the two had parted ways, as Breitbart News reported.

The presenter is still under contract through the end of next year and Axios reports a missive has been sent to Carlson from Fox attorneys pointing out that fact.

Tucker has responded. He’ll air a new episode on Tuesday.

Harmeet Dhillon said he will not be silenced.




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