BRICS Has Six New Members Aiming at the USD


As reported, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), who formed their alliance to challenge US political and economic dominance, inducted six new countries into their alliance. Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are official members.

Saudi Arabia has agreed to accept Brazil’s currency. BRICS, driven by China, hopes to undermine US power by ending the dollars global reserve currency status. A number of nations are calling for BRICS to establish its own currency.

BRICS Summit

BRICS became more attractive to the world after the US weaponized the US dollar. They leveled sanctions against Russia, and everyone in the world knows the US could do it to anyone they decide is the new Hitler. They now see the United states as more dangerous than Russia or they wouldn’t join BRICS.

Another concern that drove this movement against the dominance of the dollar is the massive U.S. National debt that keeps growing under the current administration. Within 10 years we will have a $50 trillion deficit. It said 33 trillion now. This administration won’t cut it, and Republicans don’t seem anxious to cut the growth or cut back on spending.


The only thing that will stop this spending with a uniparty and control of DC is a catastrophe. The devaluation of the dollar might do it. It would mean very difficult times for everyone. Ron Paul has a positive view for us.

“The good news is the crisis could lead to a return to limited constitutional government, a true free-market economy free of corporations and cronyism, a foreign policy based on peace and free trade, and a free-market monetary system,” former Senator Paul said.

That would be wonderful!

There is another possibility however. The destruction of the dollar could cause tremendous upheavals in society which would leave the United States open to a new form of communism – globalism. It looks like feudalism, and is led by the Democrats with the cooperation of some Republicans and influenced by globalist rulers of Europe.

Let’s hope Americans come through, and the former is the direction we take. A good way to ensure that is to close the border to illegal aliens who have no investment in America’s foundation and values.



  1. Under Biden the USA looks weaker and in disarray.

    It looks less like the bulwark of the world than it used to.

    It is not one thing it is dozens of things,

    from the US military putting emphasis on men in skirts,

    to having let in 8 Million illegals in 30 months and looking like a nation that lost control of its border ( or it is; lost control of its politicians )

    to crime rates being higher and democrats being more and more lenient towards criminals

    to voting fraud being rampant yet seemingly unstoppable

    to the obvious criminality of the President and his son

    to the degeneracy that was once unthinkable such as finding bags of cocaine in the White House

    to the obvious deep corruption of the DOJ and FBI

    to half the country and 90% of the media encouraging kids to get their genitals cut off and change sex

    to the debt that will eventually cause some terrible crash

    to the very bad idea of helping Ukraine with Billions of dollars

    The USA looks like there is no steering wheel in the car or the driver is too drunk to know what he is doing ( Canada is as bad, probably worse but we are not a big player so we do not matter much, no one really cares much )

    I think people around the world are losing respect for the number one power, and that is because of democrats and the sick ideology of ” woke” leftism pushed by the MSM, by Big Tech, even by Disney

    When Trump was President, most nations were far more willing to cooperate with the USA.

    The Stolen election of 2020 is having enormous consequences that may cause damage that will be felt for decades, that will take decades to fix…if it can be fixed.


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