Broadband Companies Mandated to Fight Climate Change


Broadband companies probably won’t get government (taxpayer) funding unless they commit to fighting climate change. The hardcore left, now in control of much of America, is demanding we all believe the science is settled and spend money on it as they mandate.

The mandate comes from the Executive and ignores Congress. It’s another decree from unelected bureaucrats.

Gina Raimondo, Secretary of Commerce

The Left claims the broadband carbon footprint is too large, and usage gaps must be addressed. It’s another manufactured crisis.

The UN, which wants money from the so-called wealthy nations, wants more money for Africa. The “wealthy” nations have 85% usage, and Africa has 44%. They want to increase connectivity in the allegedly developing nations but green broadband at the same time.

A4 AI, The Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), says, “Internet infrastructure, on its own, does not create value that justifies its environmental costs…The greatest possible benefit from this infrastructure comes from the greatest possible number of people connecting to it and using it to create new businesses, learn new skills, build communities, lead movements, and transform societies.”

A4AI is a globalist, leftist organization.

The US government demands businesses regulate usage and help those who don’t have Broadband. It’s socialism or worse, globalism, a neo-feudalistic system.

This is going to be very expensive for the middle class.



  1. Climate change is all BS! It is all about money and control period! If EV’s were such a great vehicle you wouldn’t need to subsidize them! They manipulate the number to tell a lie!


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