Bud-Light Becomes Bill Gates’ Beer


Anheuser-Busch is an evil company. They push transgenderism on children and America. They dragged Bud-Light down with them, and aren’t done. They’re WOKE.

If you canceled Bud-Light, keep it going.  Bill Gates just bought 1.7 million shares for $95 million, according to Fox Business.

Expect more Woke nonsense from Bud-Light. Many people who buy the beer, rightly or wrongly, see Bill Gates as evil itself.

The stock price hasn’t recovered – at all – in the past five months. Gates might think people will forget and start buying the beer again.

Bud-Light used Dylan Mulvaney to erase women, and I personally will never buy that beer again.

Bill Gates is a totalitarian, who thinks he has the right to determine global policy on vaccines, vaccine passports, lockdowns, tracking devices in people, food, and he’s tight with the World Economic Forum and Maoist China. He’s letting mutated mosquitos loose, wants to send manipulated clouds around to block the sun, and pushes abortion worldwide.

Buying Bud now means you support the Gates operation.

Would you bet on Bud-Light now?



  1. Now Bill Gates can get the sex change he always wanted and put his face on each can of beer. New name, Bill Gates transvestlight beer.


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