Bud Light Boycott Continues! Shares of ABInBev Down 19.98%


Two months ago, Bud Light put out a marketing push involving an alleged transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. That has been met with customer pushback, boycotts, and a big hit to the bottom. The falling sales and the value of parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev continues.

The Bud Light marketing VP who lost her job over a $26 billion Dylan Mulvaney mistake wouldn’t discuss it outside her $8m Central Park home. Her friend says: “She can’t talk about it,” The Daily Mail Online reports.

Vice President Alissa Heinerscheid (on the left)

ABInBev undoubtedly paid her off on condition she maintain silence.

The former marketing VP took a ‘leave of absence’ shortly after the company started to hemorrhage money following the backlash.

ABInBev Stocks Down $4B Since Friday

Bud Light was toppled from its top spot as the US king of beer by Modelo after sales plunged 25.7 percent.

Fox Business says Bud Light parent Anheuser-Busch lost about $27 billion. Their shares are down nearly 20%.

“About $27 billion in market value has vanished, falling to $107.44 billion through the end of May, down from $134.55 billion on March 31, as tracked by Dow Jones Market Data Group.

Bud Light is still dipping its toes into gender ideology. They just donated $200,000 to LGBTQIA+Pride businesses.

Newsweek reports that shares in Anheuser-Busch InBev SA (AB InBev), the company that owns Bud Light, have slumped by 5.2 percent since last Friday, wiping more than $4 billion off the company’s value as conservative activists continue a boycott.

It’s not only conservatives. The left is angry too, mostly for the opposite reasons. That’s why it took off as it did.

If you want to sell beer to a woman, use a real women, not a fake one. This is as much a revolt against ESG as anything.



  1. The real problem is that God didn’t make Stupidity painful enough. Conservatives have the power to correct that!

  2. She is doing just fine in her $8 home. Her foyer may be the size of my living room. She will land softly and quietly with a lucrative job as her reward.

    They underestimated the losses which would occur. The planned alienation is just another test and morale destroyer. We already know that high financial powers are forcing this:


    People who think this is just some stupid leftists are being tricked by the Faux News narrative.

    • This snob was never qualified for such a high profile marketing job. She didn’t understand her consumer base, and even insulted the existing customers by saying they were giving Bud Light the frat boy image. Now look at its image! Go woke, go broke. A lot of good people have lost jobs and livelihoods because unqualified morons like this lady were foolishly put in charge. Her boss is equally responsible for this well-deserved boycott. Heads should keep rolling in the executive suite. I don’t care if these companies ever recover. Let them be a shining beacon of the stupidity behind ESG. Go there at your own peril. Wise execs that cherish their fat salaries and bonuses are taking note of the lessons learned here.


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