Bud Light’s “Let’s Goooooo” Tweet Reminds Us We Hate Them


Woke Bud Light can’t win. They only tweeted two words – “Let’s goooooo,” and got blasted – hilariously. They were cheering for the women’s soccer team. It even had a flag emoji to show how patriotic they are.  The tweet was for the opener in Australia on Friday.

It probably doesn’t help that the women’s soccer team hates America.

Bud Light probably thought they couldn’t go wrong with a two-word tweet and a flag. A few people supported them, and Bud tweeted cute tweets back, but the beer is not returning to Number 1 any time soon. They’re 14th now. Bud Light is the poster child for Americans’ feelings about real women and Woke ideology.

The people who sell and distribute Bud Light are suffering, and I feel for them. Bud Light needs to swear off ESG or whatever they plan to call themselves in their next iteration. They also need to define what a woman is and risk losing the radical left who want to evaporate women. An apology would be nice.

Bud Light tanks at bars too
Since its ill-fated partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney on April 1, Bud Light has faced a sharp decline in sales. It was easy to boycott, so people did. Social media is mostly an anti-Anheuser-Busch-Bud-Light bash fest.

Instead of mitigating the damage caused by the controversy, Bud Light’s recent tweet added fuel to the fire. No one trusts them any longer. We thought they liked America, middle America, and our values, but they don’t.

Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, has chosen to remain silent and refused to apologize for the Mulvaney campaign. That says it all.





  1. Bud Light is intentionally and repeatedly insulting women, men and America. There are billions of dollars at stake, this is not being done out of incompetence or stupidity. The major customers of this product are men, they have no interest in an anti-American women’s soccer team. Basic marketing principles are being ignored in favor of woke propaganda.

    This has to be traced to the former CIA CEO, who appeared on TV. He is a double talker, avoids discussing the actual issues.

  2. Bud Light cheers – let’s go!
    America chants (to Bud and Rapinoe’s gang) – Just be gone!

    I appreciate great athletic talent used well. But if that talent want to represent the USA, it better be loyal to real American ideals.


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