California Democrat Bill Lets Felons Serving Life Without Parole Loose


You’re going to love this new California Senate Bill 94. It will allow killers serving life sentences without parole to request a re-sentencing.

It heads for the floor for a full vote by the California assembly. It includes all serious crimes including murder. If the offense occurred before June 5 1990 and they’ve served 25 years, they can ask for a reduced sentence.

There is an exception for first degree murder of a police officer. In New York they keep releasing cop killers.

GOP Assemblyman Bill Essayli said that people sentenced for heinous crimes should serve their full prison term.

“Killing two individuals with aggravating circumstances isn’t enough to justify a LWOP sentence? Being an accomplice to a mass murderer isn’t?,” he asked. “Killing a peace officer is sufficiently heinous, but killing a firefighter or other public official isn’t? These exclusions are purely political.”

“LWOP sentences are promises to the victim’s families that they need never fear the person will be let out of prison,” Essayli added.This will permit a large percentage of LWOP offenders to be re-sentenced to standard first-degree murder and eligible for parole immediately.”

The message from California is criminals are more important than the safety of law-abiding citizens. Democrats want the felon vote.

We have very stupid politicians in this country.



  1. Gonna hurt a bunch of defenseless people
    Just a target rich environment as far as i am concerned
    Let em out, we the people will clean up the mess, except if you are from NY where they have aleady hamstrung you s

  2. I actually think Democrats know exactly what they’re doing. It’s planned destruction of American society so they can “rebuild” to their socialist communist nirvana. They forget though that when all rights vanish, so can they at the behest of the new government they will have created. And “gun control”? It’s not complicated. People with guns make terrible slaved.

  3. Democrat politicians are more dangerous than the murderers they set free, because they do their stupid evil openly and incessantly.

  4. Is America’s demise the only end game for the DNC-bots? Do they have a point? The point is certainly not to demonstrate their compassion or intellect, love of Country or law abiding citizens.

  5. This is exactly what we knew would happen when the death penalty is thrown out in favor of life without parole. We knew the left would do this and now it’s probably going to happen in California.


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