California Has a New Plan to Rob Hard-Working Residents Blind


California State Senator Weiner sponsored a universal healthcare bill that just passed the assembly. It requires Taxpayers to cover the cost of healthcare for all residents with one single public system.

Sen. Scott Weiner

Senator Weiner claims that Senate Bill 770 will be more affordable.

Before this, Democrats were in love with Covered California, which required every Californian to pay for illegal aliens at a cost of $98 million dollars annually.

Estimates show that it would cost $400 billion to implement. The entire budget for the state from 2022 to 2023 was $286 billion. It ended up being $330 billion. It’s always more than the projections.

All told, the new tax package is intended to raise an additional $163 billion per year, which is more than California raised in total tax revenue any year before the pandemic, reports the Tax Foundation.

The Tax Foundation explains that the new taxes will take three forms.
  1. A surtax atop the current individual tax structure, beginning at $143,509 in income.
  2. A graduated payroll tax system with the top rate kicking in for employees with more than $49,990 in annual income.
  3. And three, a gross receipts tax of 2.3%, excluding the first $2 million of business income.

The staggering tax increases come from a tone deaf Senator and General Assembly. This is a case of ideology taking over all common sense. They are stealing money from hard-working taxpayers.

The package includes long-term care and entitlements that vary by age, employment, status, disability, income, immigration status, or other characteristics. In other words. It is a huge redistribution of wealth.





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