California Parents Will Be Forced to Accept Child’s Gender Identity


The “Family law gender identity” bill, AB 957, passed California’s State Assembly on May 3rd. Radical state Senator Scott Wiener (D-SF) tacked on an amendment on June 6 that mandates parents affirm a minor’s “gender identity as part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child.”

If a parent doesn’t accept a child changing gender, their parent would be guilty of child abuse. They could take your child away.

California courts have the authority under Section 3011 of California’s Family Code to remove a child from his or her parents’ home if parents disapprove of LGBTQ+ ideology.

By changing the definition of what constitutes the “health, safety, and welfare of [a] child,” schools, churches, hospitals, and other organizations interacting with children would be required to affirm “gender transitions” in minors by default. If they don’t, they risk charges of child abuse.

Scott Weiner’s on the left.

It figures it came from Weiner. He’s a disaster for California.



  1. There is no limit to their depravity. I can only look forward to the next great San Francisco quake to engulf them in fire and brimstone. It’s not just geologically overdue, it’s morally overdue. All who remain in Cali are aiding and abetting this depravity.


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