California Plans to Outlaw Grass – No Lawns for You, Peasants


Neo-Democrats in the California legislature passed a law that awaits Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature, and he will undoubtedly sign it. They’re banning nonfunctional grass! They think it’s a waste of water to have decorative lawns.

What happens to all the carbon dioxide grass devours?

Front yard view of the dramatic sunset with a view in California

The authoritarians will allow turf in sports fields, parks, cemeteries, outdoor areas, and other “community spaces.” Also exempt are areas where grass is irrigated with recycled water.

The Law states:

This bill would make legislative findings and declarations concerning water use, including that the use of potable water to irrigate nonfunctional turf is wasteful and incompatible with state policy relating to climate change, water conservation, and reduced reliance on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta ecosystem. The bill would direct all appropriate state agencies to encourage and support the elimination of irrigation of nonfunctional turf with potable water.

It’s permanent, even when there’s no drought. There goes all the sod farms, fertilizer manufacturers, and grass cutters.

Whatever will the people in Beverly Hills do? They will probably recycle water and keep their lawns.

Democrats are a threat to democracy!

Leo Hohmann made a list of things Democrats don’t want us to have. Here’s a partial list of what Democrats want to ban: wood stoves, gas stoves, heat pumps, gas generators, gas cars, air travel, gas everything, cold medication, cash, identity privacy, borders, firearms, and more.



  1. I remember once reading about an Oregon rancher who was told he could not collect the rain water running down a slope on his land for his cattle. The courts ruled the State of Oregon owns all rainwater falling on the state including that which falls on private property.

  2. Next CA will ban toilets and make you use an outhouse, because toilets use too much water. The homeless are already conserving water by using the streets to urinate and defecate in CA.

  3. For once I agree with CA lunatics. Lawns serve no purpose and waste water. Also millions of people spray them with weed poison over and over that runs off into the rivers and water supply.

  4. This is so wrong. Lawn’s produce BTU cooling. Lawns also convert Carbon Dioxide into breathable oxygen that benefits people, wild life, and livestock for food. Communism denies Global and Human Natural Rights.You voted for this California.

  5. This summer we watched millions of acre-feet of fresh rainwater run down California rivers and into the ocean. The same people who are telling us we must preserve water are the ones who didn’t build the dams and catch basins that could have made that water available for us to use.
    According to the pictures on the internet, Newsom’s personal home is lush with hanging gardens, pools. and expansive green lawns. You know he’s not going to let any of that go brown.

  6. FGN and the little indoctrnated A–H—s that have the heads up their Arse! Do they have a clue that this is all BS? Billions of dollars to fix homeless and climate change but they can’t find a F35 and you think they can fix anything? You are delusional at best! Strip naked because everything you are wearing, you house, car, are made from fossil fuels idiots!

  7. The person who made the list forgot the top “thing” demonrats want to eliminate and that is babies. Always remember that the demonrats first plank in their platform is the murder of babies; never forget that.

    • They are proud of that. Just think- proud because they kill babies, innocent unborn children who have done NOTHING to harm anyone. God can forgive the most vile sins, if the sinner is truly sorry for his/her sins. These rectums are not. They’ll have eternity in hell to repent… after it is too late.


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