Californians Are Turning Arizona Blue


The once-Red state of Arizona has turned purple, and the growth is largely due to Democrats moving out of California. They take the politics that destroyed California with them as they move to other states, Arizona being one of them.

The two Senate seats and the governorship are Democrat, far-left Democrats, and they helped push the incompetent, hard-left Joe Biden into the White House. Few mention the media, including social media, but they were and are behind Democrat candidates. They provide enormous free advertising.

“A lot of that growth is Californians,” Arizona-based Republican consultant Stan Barnes told Fox News. “Even though they’re leaving the People’s Republic of California over its tax and regulatory restrictions, they still carry some of their progressive politics with them, and it shows in the election results.”

Even though the state has leaned further to the left since 2018, Republicans hope to return the state to its red roots in 2024. The Republican Party is hoping to flip Sinema’s seat, especially as the senator has not revealed her own reelection plans so far. Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) is the biggest challenger to the senator so far.

Gallego is popular with all the new Hispanic immigrants, although he is very far-left.

Barnes claimed candidate quality has contributed to Democrats’ success in recent years, with Democratic candidates largely running a centrist campaign. Republicans, he noted, have put forward candidates that were too far right.

“When Democrats run statewide in Arizona, they run as center-right as they possibly can,” Barnes said. “If you heard them campaigning, you’d think they’re Republicans. They have had good candidates the past two cycles, and we’ve put up some folks that were easily marginalized.”

Another Arizona strategist blamed conservative shortcomings in the state on the candidates’ failure to appeal to their own base, claiming that conservative voters are voting Democrat because of fringe candidates from the GOP.

“These vitriolic, tin foil hat-wearing, election-denying Republican maniacs are not succeeding in Arizona, and that’s not a result of increased power among Democrats,” Democratic strategist Stacy Pearson said. “It’s that they’re not appealing to their own base; they’re not appealing to the Republicans in Arizona.”

Kari Lake

Barnes said he sees hope in Hispanic voters, who were largely expected to vote Democrat. Latino and Hispanic voters still vote more liberal, but support for Democrats has dwindled.

“It turns out the Latino voter did not get that memo. And they don’t necessarily perform that way or register that way,” Barnes said.

What he is saying comes from an establishment perspective. For example, Kari Lake almost won, and the RINOs in the state did what they could to further the candidacy of the Democrats. She had legitimate complaints about the election, which was run by establishment Republicans.

It’s hard to win when your own party is in league with the opposition.



  1. In 1982-3 the trend began in Chaffee Counnty Salida, CO. which became one of the first blue counties in Colorado. My attorney friend lived there and actually ask the lefties in a town hall meeting; “Why are you bringing progressivism here when you just left it in CA because you were unhappy with it’s results?” He informed me he basically got the deer in headlight look with little explanation.

    The lefties were able to sell their home in CA and buy same type home in Salida for 25-30% of what they sold their house in CA for.

  2. I saw this happening when Sheriff Joe Arpaio lost his election to Democrat Paul Penzone isn’t so clean either. But he’s a Democrat and so what? Californians, New Yorkers or from wherever, leftists destroy everything they have any influence over. And now they control most of our media and education along with many of our courts and states so are able to censor any ideas contrary to their own and are now even making thought a crime if it doesn’t fit the narrative.

  3. Strange isn’t it, people flee their misery, and then change the new place to be their place of misery.
    If I remember correctly, wen I was in California in 1969 it had the highest divorce rate for a state, yet thee was indicate that many new to the state fled their problems elsewhere for a new start, but since they themselves did not change they just repeated their mistakes and marriages failed.


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