Can Clown World Continue?


We can’t go on like this in Clown World where the justice system rewards violent communist anarchists of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, but levels extraordinary punishments against the rioters who support the Constitution. The J6 rioters had ten years added to their sentence for being “domestic terrorists,” one shook a fence and was called the “spear” of the revolt.

Black Lives Matter protest, burning buildings down.
Antifa, a vicious communist organization, parading with their favorite flag.
Make America Great Again

The rioters of J6 were not trying to overturn the government, but BLM and Antifa are. They admit they are communists.



  1. The Patriots who were in DC on January 6th were exercising their civil rights and had every right to be there. The insurrection was brought on by the cowards in congress who went along with the stolen election.

  2. Monica Crowley has been far ahead of the curve on the reset and all this dangerous clown show insanity. That split screen pic makes it clear as can be.

  3. Why are people still providing goods and services to their tormentors? You won’t catch me shipping potatoes, butter, and eggs to clown town, nor any of their suppliers.

    • Too many ostriches out there…mainly by default, as too many garner ALL their ‘information’ from the corrupted Main sewer Stream fake Media…and therefore, due to their own biased malaise, ignorant of the fact that they really know nothing…


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