Canada Passes a Law Destroying Free Press


The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA), C-18 – a Canadian bill – forces tech companies to pay off and collude with big media companies. It passed.

It forces tech companies to prop up the overwhelmingly left-leaning legacy media.

Like the JCPA Democrats try to pass in the United States, it allows media companies in Canada to enter into negotiations with tech companies to pay them for “carrying” their content, i.e., linking to the content and providing the media companies with traffic.

If no agreement is reached, arbitration is forced. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is the arbitrator. In other words, the government.

They also get to decide who can publish among independent media. The business is eligible if:

- is either a member of a recognized journalistic association and follows the code of ethics of a recognized journalistic association or has its own code of ethics whose standards of professional conduct require adherence to the recognized processes and principles of the journalism profession, including fairness, independence and rigour in reporting news and handling sources; or

The government gets to decide what is fair and ethical. In Canada’s case, it would be the CCP-loving Trudeau government.

Facebook said it would restrict all distribution of news in Canada.

Hard left Trudeau is angry.

“The fact that these internet giants would rather cut off Canadians’ access to local news than pay their fair share is a real problem, and now they’re resorting to bullying tactics to try and get their way. It’s not going to work,” said Trudeau.

Moreover, he’s clueless


Mitch McConnel supports the horrendous Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) in the United States. As you likely know, Mitch isn’t a conservative or even a Republican.

It allows foreign news organizations, including Chinese organizations, to influence the flow of information in the United States. That is a huge win for China.

Republicans who back this are backing attacks against them!

Large conglomerates effectively get a vote for each OF THE eligible smaller outlets that they own and control and will reap the greatest benefits. And the print and broadcast media corporations will be shielded by subsidies from the need to adapt their business models to the actual needs of their customers.

Meanwhile, the smallest and newest news outlets, and new media, such as bloggers, podcasters, and other independent and freelance journalists, are entirely excluded from the JCPA’s benefits.

Hence, the JCPA is essentially a transfer of wealth from Silicon Valley to the discredited and distrusted corporate legacy media.



  1. Kind of crazy to think it would happen just a few short years ago, but rooting for Russia is becoming rather popular since they seem to be the only country fighting against the globalists.

  2. Our Dear Leader has bought the main stream media with cash to every newspaper in Canada. Even the local small town papers received $10,000 per year. The government owned Canadian Broadcasting Corp is paid over one billion dollars a year.

    We have not had an independent news media for a long time. Like the soviet Pravda and Izvestia, bought ans paid for, mouthpieces for the Liberal party.

  3. Trudeau , actually the liberal government ,also gave – twice – millions of dollars to the Canadian MSM and the union journalists are a member of.

    that was a couple years ago, and he did it twice.

    I don t remember the details but I think the first time they called it some type of aid due to covid…but we all know it was a bribe.

    does anyone believe journalists are going to negatively criticize the people who give them millions of dollars?

    PS: Since Canada’s economy is at least 10 times smaller than the US economy, to us millions of dollars is a lot.


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