Canada’s Becoming China, Meta Blocks News Content Into Canada


Canada is becoming China under Justin Trudeau.

Meta has begun to remove news content from Facebook and Instagram in Canada in response to recently passed legislation in the country that requires tech companies to negotiate payments to news organizations for hosting their content.

Meta won’t allow Canadians to click on links to news articles.

The decision comes amid a global debate over the relationship between news organizations and social media companies about the value of news content and who benefits from it. However, while social media companies are concerned about the money, the rest of us should be worried about the attack on the free press. The US has a similar law they want to pass.

Google has also announced that it plans to remove news content from its platforms in Canada when the law takes effect, which could happen by December.

The Canadian legislation, known as Bill C-18, was given final approval in June. It aims to support the sustainability of news organizations by regulating “digital news intermediaries with a view to enhancing fairness in the Canadian digital news marketplace.”

Like-minded proposals have been introduced worldwide amid allegations that the tech industry has decimated local journalism by sucking away billions in online advertising revenues.

That’s because “journalism” is dishonest activism.

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The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA), C-18 – the Canadian bill – forces tech companies to pay off. They also have to collude with big media companies.

It forces tech companies to prop up the overwhelmingly left-leaning legacy media.

Like the JCPA Democrats try to pass in the United States, it allows media companies in Canada to enter into negotiations with tech companies to pay them for “carrying” their content, i.e., linking to the content and providing the media companies with traffic.

If no agreement is reached, arbitration is forced. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is the arbitrator. In other words, the government.

They also get to decide who can publish among independent media. The business is eligible if:

- is either a member of a recognized journalistic association and follows the code of ethics of a recognized journalistic association or has its own code of ethics whose standards of professional conduct require adherence to the recognized processes and principles of the journalism profession, including fairness, independence, and rigour in reporting news and handling sources; or

The government gets to decide what is fair and ethical. In Canada’s case, it would be the CCP-loving Trudeau government.

Justin Trudeau’s wife is leaving him. The Canadian people should get rid of him too.



  1. The liberal Canadian government wants to control the news because they don t want people to know they are lying to us.

    They want to keep manipulating naive people.

    And I have a good example.

    Yesterday because of an article about what type of immigrants were entering Canada I went to Statistics Canada an official site run by the Canadian government.

    They were saying the same as Trudeau and his liberals and the MSM always say ; that immigrants and refugees are doing wonders for our economy. They also say that most of them are highly educated and find jobs quickly.

    But studies done by major Canadian banks, tell us that is FALSE !

    here is a couple excerpts,

    ” … — Canada’s expansive immigration policy – which has seen an influx of 1.5 Million newcomers to the country in the last twelve months alone – has been predicated on the assumption that a large volume of newcomers is necessary to support an aging demographic and address labour shortages. 

    However, recent research from banks including BMO (TSX:BMO) and TD (TSX:TD) has increasingly indicated that the influx of new Canadian residents has had more negative than positive consequences – including the exacerbation of a housing shortage, and worsening weaknesses in Canada’s already strained infrastructure, such as healthcare. 

    A new report from Scotiabank (TSX:BNS)’s Derek Holt now posits that “the narrative that immigration is driving jobs and GDP is more hype based upon spurious correlations than substance” …”

    ” … 84% of all employment gains in Canada have gone either to those born in Canada or to permanent residents who have been here for 10 or more years. About 14% of total employment growth over this period went to temporary residents.

    Of the remaining 2% of employment gains, only 10% were due to landed immigrants who have been in Canada for under 5 years. …”

    Yikes !!!

    10% of 2% is 2 immigrants out of 1000 or one in five hundred.

    Only one per five hundred immigrants that have been in Canada 5 years or less contribute to employment gains!

    That means that 99.8% of immigrants that have been in Canada 5 years or less don t work, don t contribute…

    and dare I say; are dead weight carried by tax payers…

    yet every main stream source, either from the government or the media swears that immigrants are doing wonders for our economy.

    Is it any surprise liberals want to control what information reaches Canadians,

    • or look at it this way

      of the 1.5 million new immigrants to Canada that arrived in the last 12 months

      only 10% of 2% or, if you prefer,

      only 0.2 % have jobs and contribute to the GDP

      99.8% of those 1,500,000 immigrants are NOT working and not contributing to the GDP

      only 30,000 of them contribute to the economy

      while 1,470,000 are sucking tax payer money

      and these numbers do not come from some racist, white supremacist, conspiracy theory source, or from a blogger in his underpants in his mother’s basement, no , they come from a study done by Canada’s major banks.

      over 99% of recent immigrants are nothing but dead weight on tax payers

      no wonder Trudeau wants to control what information reaches Canadians.

  2. The Main Stream Media both in the USA and Canada are dishonest, they will say anything as long as it helps liberals- democrats ,

    while on independent sites or social media you can find more honest information ( but also unfortunately some stupid and false stuff )

    It is harder and harder for the MSM to keep the masses brainwashed, underinformed and docile and make them vote left,

    so the government is intervening and doing all it can to take away some power from independent news sources and social media.

    For example most MSM are not even talking about all the evidence against the Biden crime family but are spending a lot of their time on the 40 or so ( bogus ) charges against Trump.

    But other sources are providing a lot of information, such as a direct link to read court documents.

    Leftist leaders do not like an informed populace so they have to come up with something to reduce access to truths and facts.

    Leftists are tyrants drunk with power, and the drunker they are the more they want to drink some of that tyrannical power.

    The more I learn about leftists, the more I am disappointed

    • What I mean by sometimes there is false or stupid stuff is that on sites such as facebook or youtube, people can post ridiculous videos

      There was one last week, probably old but that had resurfaced, that claimed Hillary Clinton was in the Guantanamo prison and she would soon be executed.

      That is obviously false and very ridiculous.

      She is a criminal, yes.

      she is guilty yes.

      but no she is not in prison, and no she has not been sentenced, the exact opposite is true, James Comey closed the file and made her as free as a bird.

      and no one seems interested in ever charging her with anything.

      I think such videos are created by leftists pretending to be republicans, hoping naive people on the right will make those videos go viral so that then everyone can point fingers and laugh at us and say ; ” see? told ya those right wingers will believe any crap and are into crazy conspiracy stuff!!”

      Also when such videos go viral it gives ammunitions to leftist politicians who want to limit our free speech.

      Obviously those ridiculous videos are not made by zealous Trump supporters, they are made by leftists ( or the FBI ?) to discredit us and to support the idea that free speech is a bad thing.


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