Canada’s Deputy Minister Responds to Worries About Carbon Taxes


Watching Canada’s Deputy Minister, Chrystia Freeland, is difficult. Freeland doesn’t come off well. Trudeau added a second carbon tax on the struggling middle class, and she’s answering people’s concerns – sort of.

Trudeau is also pushing for a global tax as a good agent of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.

In 2021, speaking at a panel discussion organized by Canada on the sidelines of the COP26 summit in Glasgow, Trudeau said his government fought hard to impose its carbon tax policy over the opposition of political opponents in Canada, and now he wants to take that fight to the global stage.

The second carbon tax is a real hit on the lower and middle classes because they will pay a bigger portion of their income on fuel. The prices of everything will go up. So far, they haven’t reduced carbon emissions with the money they steal from Canadians.

via Toronto Sun

Freeland wants you to know she doesn’t own a car and walks and bikes, as do her children. It’s healthier, she said. She nods as she’s questioned with a feigned look of concern.

A reporter asked what she had to say to Prince Edward Islanders who woke up to a significant gas, diesel, and oil increase that morning.

People are worried.

Chrystia Freeland’s net worth is $2 million and growing. She’s not worried.

When the reporter said the increase was coming too soon and fast, she said she understood.



  1. I knew by looking at the picture of this ugly woman, that she was a raving leftist. Leftist women are ass ugly.Sad that fools in Canada elected Trudeau.

      • I believe you’re right. And I also believe the elections in Venezuela are rigged. They use Dominion voting machines, go figure. And I believe Brazil’s last election was rigged. And hear this, Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray: In 2020 President Trump was cheated and the American people were cheated. THE 2020 US ELECTION WAS RIGGED. And the 2022 Arizona election was rigged, so Garland and Wray, send in your goons for me to. I’m a proud conservative and Trump supporter.

        • The cheating will continue with states purchasing the new and most likely unsecured, Dominion ICX machines, just in time for the upcoming elections. They’re expensive and paperless. Election audits will be impossible.

        • Frankly! I think the 1948 election was one the Democrats cheated in. The left wing newspapers reported early evening late edition Republican Dewey had won the Presidential election. The USA populace went to sleep thinking Dewey won. When morning came Truman won. The decision that Dewey won was reversed during the night.

          During the Truman administration (1949-1953), Truman gave China to the Communists and nearly gave South Korea to them as well! If any one doubts let me know and I will give full explanation.

          The most corrupt organizations in human history.

          1. USA Government
          2. Democrat Party
          3. Republican Leadership in DC
          4. Roman Empire
          5. Mafia


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