Canadian Council on What Is Happening in Every Country



The UN is screening people who enter the US illegally through our southern border, a practice that began in earnest under Barack Obama. The UN, not the World Economic Forum (WEF), is in charge. The WEF is the motor. The UN’s plans appear to lead to a new world order, using the 16 sustainable goals as the roadmap.

This is what the invasion of the US, primarily by single young men, is about.

The G20 has called for digital IDs, a payment system (FedNow), and CBDCs. The Central Banks would control the new currency. They could have the power to turn money on or off and put expiry dates on it. Cash money would eventually be wiped out.

Watch what has happened in Canada – according to the Council meeting in the clip below. Let us hope it’s a conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, everything he mentions has been put in writing by the globalists. Globalists want control and are calling for a global feudal system. They know they must erase sovereignty and the Shining City on the Hill. The United States cannot exist in this system. Globalists have tremendous power in the age of AI, and they know it. Their views take in ideas from every totalitarian system we have seen in recent history, including Maoist China.



  1. Modern technology and computers provide gigantic power to even the weakest of humans.

    I know my comments tend to be too long,

    I ll try to keep it short

    in the past to control people you needed an army acting like some type of police, and if the people you wamted to control were hundreds or thousands of miles away ( like in the Roman empire ) it was diifcult to control, you had to send thousands of men over there and you were not even sure the people you sent over there would do what you sent them there for…and you had no way of verifying…you had to trust what those who came back or the letters they sent said.

    Now with modern technology, anyone, even a skinny idiot, such as Trudeau, if he wants can know what you buy, who you donate to, how much money you have, what you own, where you drive your car, where you go ( the GPS in your phone tells it all ) what sites you visit on the internet, what comments you post

    they even know how much electricity you are using in your home.

    Controling an empire no longer requires a gigantic army that has to travel thousands of miles and has to stay there and police the population, nor does it require gigantic resources of money, food weapons and other supplies

    any ugly skinny stupid or an effeminate nerd ( such as Trudeau ) can control an empire from his living room.

    if you donate to Trump or if you donate money to an anti vax group or anti abortion group, or to anyone or anything that is not pro left, the computer can send you a warning, and after a few warnings if you keep doing what the left tyrant does not approve of , the computer can freeze your bank account for 10 days or 30 days from thousands of miles away

    you have one of those door bells that has camera? they see what it sees

    if someone brings you cash , or food or anything, face recognition will identify him from thousands of miles away and warn him or punish him.

    Computers as wonderful as they are for certain things have made it easier for tyrants to control an entire nation, or an entire continent or the entire planet as the WEF and UN are planning to do soon.

    if one day comments like this one become illegal, and every time I disobey and post one, I cannot buy food, or cannot use my car ( they will defeat its computer from thousands of miles away ) or they turn off the heat in my house for a few hours in the middle of a Canadian winter…what are my choices?

    And the day they allow people to vote from their cell phones and paper trail no longer exist, how do you contest results ???

    computers have given to tyrants power so gigantic that it boggles the mind…yet the tyrant never has to even be in the same continent that you are, he never even has to see the misery he is causing

    Like Marie Antoinette and her peers, eating expensive fancy food comfortably seated in their castle, they never have to see or hear the lowly peasants who are far away, hungry and miserable.

    We are entering a new age, for the first time in human history, we will know what digitalized tyranny feels like.

    for those who think I am exaggerating, here is an excerpt from a Mozilla article on what your car collects and sends about you,

    ” … What you do in your car is more than enough information to paint a detailed picture of you. But your car-maker wants more. They can collect information about how much money you make, your immigration status, race, genetic information, and sexual activity (it’s in there!). Heck, they’ll even help themselves to your photos, your calendar, and your to-do list if you’ll let them. …”

    • The Unibomber’s manifesto talked about technology and liberalism the same as your comment. *Not* supporting what he did, but the powers to be didn’t want him to go to trial because they feared his manifesto would become public knowledge so the judge and his crooked attorney plus the FBI railroaded him into pleading guilty.


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