Cartels Are All Over California


As reported earlier today, Sen. Lankford (R-OK) explained that thousands of Chinese Nationals are coming into the country to work with cartels in the drug trade. ISIS-tied individuals are also pouring in. Cartels are now all over California and other American states. We are turning into the Third World.

Open borders are partly to blame, and so are soft on crime policies.

Five months ago, California Insider interviewed Sheriff Jeremiah LaRue in rural California, Siskiyou County, who talked about the expanding drug trade that’s ruining rural California, making it look like a Third World country. Siskiyou County is very large, and it’s inundated with cartel activity, but it’s not the only county that’s suffering from uncontrolled immigration of cartels. This is only one interview with one sheriff in one county.

“There’s somewhere around 2000 parcels and so each greenhouse can have 500 to 1000 plants and you start adding this stuff up, it’s in the billions of dollars and billions with a ‘B.’


“We are inundated with illegal marijuana growers. It started small in about 2015, about 100 people came to Siskiyou County from Minnesota, and some of the other states surrounding there, and they grew 99 plants. It was like a medicinal grow and before long just speeding up a little bit, it multiplied.

“People came from all over California and also other parts of the country to set up these illegal grows. And people think that marijuana is legal, what’s the big deal. Well, the big deal is not necessarily the plant itself. You know, I think often people will say that it’s a war on cannabis, and it is not a war on cannabis.

It’s a war on the negative effects and consequences of cannabis cultivation when it’s done illegally, such as environmental damage. There’s all kinds of chemicals and pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, rodenticides, the list goes on. A lot of these chemicals should not be in California at all, and they’re just going right into the soil uncontrolled, unchecked and when there’s such a quantity, we’re unable to control it.

“Any government is unable to control that and so that’s what we’re seeing in Siskiyou County. And additionally, the crime is off the charts. We have people getting murdered at marijuana grows which is the most disturbing of anything. What other crop in California has people show up and get murdered over a purchase.

“People are scared. It’s changed over the years because people have gotten a little bit desensitized from it. And to even say that is unreal. But people in the community report lots of different things, gunfire, screams. I remember a report of somebody at a gas station that showed up bleeding from the torso, looked like knife wounds, and got hosed off at a gas station, put in a car and driven off.

“I mean it’s like a third world country that should not be happening here in America.”




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