CCP Warns: “Those who play with fire will perish by it”


The United States recently announced that they must prepare for war with Russia and China in a report titled Strategic Posture of the United States. It was released on Thursday.

The 145-page report described the challenge as existential and claimed the United States is unprepared. Six Democrats and six Republicans authored it.

The discussions of a potential conflict with the United States have angered Beijing. They’re warning us against it.

The chessboard was decorated with a map of the earth and pieces decorated with American, Chinese, and Russian flags.

This recent article published in the Chinese Communist Party publication Global Times Warns against the implementation of the report.

The opinion piece is titled “A strategic nightmare sneaks into Washington’s political agenda.”

“In response to the report, the newspaper stated the idea of preparing for possible simultaneous wars with Russia and China, once a fringe fantasy has gradually made its way into Washington’s agenda, which is deeply unsettling.”

This is what bothered the CCP:

The central point of the 145-page report is that the US must expand its military power, particularly its “nuclear weapons modernization program,” in order to prepare for possible simultaneous wars with China and Russia. Notably, the report diverges completely from the current US national security strategy of winning one conflict while deterring another and from the Biden administration’s current nuclear policy. It is not a fantasy among the American public but a serious strategic assessment and recommendation in the service of policymaking.

They say the elites will make the decision. The article runs down the list of nuclear and other weapons they recommend. The CCP says, “What depths of insanity is the US sinking to? The US’ military spending accounts for nearly 40 percent of the world’s total defense expenditures…”

The article further states if Washington were to adopt even a small portion of the recommendations in this report, “the harm and threats it could pose to World Peace would be immeasurable and would ultimately backfire on the US itself.”

The article then warned there is an ancient Chinese proverb. It states, “Those who play with fire will perish by it. This is something that Washington should carefully contemplate.”



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