CDC Found Secret Chinese BioLab in California – 20 Infectious Agents


A secret, unlicensed Chinese biolab found in California was uncovered after inspectors discovered a hose going to the “abandoned” building. Inside the lab, they were making Covid tests and pregnancy tests. The CDC found vials of blood and tissue and other bodily fluid samples and serums; and thousands of vials of unlabeled fluids and suspected biological material.

[Close the border!]

Chinese bio lab in California

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tested the substances and detected at least 20 potentially infectious agents, including COVID,  Malaria, E. coli, HIV, and hepatitis, were found, NBC News reports.

The lab was full of lab mice kept in inhumane conditions, medical waste, and hazardous materials.

Improperly stored devices in the lab.

The lab was shut down immediately, but investigators still had no idea where the tests were being used.

Why was a Chinese lab running in California without regulation, and did Newsom and his administration know anything about it?

They had two companies that don’t exist now, and offices and addresses in the US and China could not be verified.

Instead of making LGBT+ videos, maybe they should concentrate on investigations. China is our enemy, and they could easily unleash viruses deliberately.



  1. First this Illegal and Deadly Lab was NOT discovered suddenly by a City Code worker seeing a Green Garden Hose, it was reported last Oct-22 as suspicious activity late at night. They it was discovered when one of the 4 Chinese Scientist, got sick from what was going on in this Covert Lab. Then it was reported to Federal, State and Local Agencies in Jan-23, Feb-23 and finally a FOIA was filed in March and April-23. What happened next is very suspicious first denials then suddenly over 123 Records, Documents, Tests Results came and I forwarded the evidence to more than 23 Media groups , emailed, Fedex, calls etc.

    The i was told my FOIA is closed and to return the records that were sent to me inadverently and shred any i still have, Case CLOSED. The real facts, truth and what occurred in still being held Secret and over 9 Agencies were involved albeit too late.

    Three of the 4 Chinese Scientist fled back to China the fourth is Missing ?, we learned why this small farming town was chosen as the new Wuhan-Lab USA.
    It was because it was the Center of the Farm, Food Belt of the USA and they could test frogs, bats, mice, rodents, fish, birds, etc… to spread virus and pathogens in the region . Since behind the facility there was Rail access they could load deadly disease and viruses all over. The Region, ask yourself if this was nothing, then why was the FBI,DEA, CDC, PUBLIC HEALTH, FIRE, POLICE, EPA, FT. DETRICK, ABERDEEN, DUGWAY PROVING GROUNDS ALL INVOLVED AND MANY MORE.

  2. Seriously? We’re supposed to believe the corrupt 3 letter agency that funded this lab can provide a non-biases investigation? The very same agency that funded c-19 in Chchchchina???


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