Chadwick Moore Reveals What Tucker Planned for the Day He Was Fired


Chadwick Moore, who’s writing a biography about Tucker Carlson called ‘Tucker,’ reveals that he was going to air a video of Ray Epps on the day he was fired.


His monologue that day was about Mr. Epps, an FBI informant, the J6 investigation, and people in government who want to silence him, like AOC.

Chadwick said that he has inside information confirming that it is true that Fox’s deal with Dominion was to fire Tucker.

That means a company allegedly built on corruption to push Maduro into power, although the company denies that, was able to silence Tucker. The plan is to silence him through the 2024 election.

If this is true, Americans are no longer free, and we must deal with it. Watch the clips.

video via The Liberty Daily

From what Chadwick Moore is saying, Tucker’s last day on air wasn’t the impetus; perhaps that Monday was, or it was going to happen anyway.

On Tucker’s last day on air, his monologue was about penalizing people with good credit scores; LGBTQIA crazy’; Netflix’s fake Cleopatra documentary; protecting Hunter; Morell, and the 51 lying intel officials; the Nashville Manifesto; and the border.

The Ray Epps clip we’ll never see would have followed the airing of Epps’s tearful interview with ’60 Minutes’ and his threat to sue Fox. Epps is the only person who clearly incited the crowd to violence and didn’t suffer a whit. In fact, he’s regaled.

On Tucker’s last day, Chadwick Moore, a gay conservative, said the following on the show:

Ray Epps




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