Chicago Mayor Johnson Has a Plan to Reimagine Policing


Chicago’s crime problem is becoming the stuff of horror movies, and it’s getting worse, much worse. Crime has spiked 88% since 2021. The new mayor’s solution is to reimagine policing, with a heavy emphasis on none.

The defund the police champion, Chicago’s new mayor, Brandon Johnson, just released a 223-page report titled “A Blueprint for Creating a More Just and Vibrant City for All.”

It includes a “public safety” plan to make a criminal cry for joy.

Washington Examiner reports that the plan, inspired by a “struggle rooted in black liberation,” contains no recommendations to increase enforcement of crimes. No, rather, it proposes getting rid of a gang database because of “racial disparities,” issuing an acknowledgment of harm toward black and Hispanic residents of the city, “re-envisioning the role of a police officer,” and providing mental health services — rather than actual safety — in communities that are “over-policed.”

It’s not about reducing crime. It’s about reducing police and law enforcement. If he wants to make Chicago a stronghold for cartels and hardened criminals, this will do it.

Chicago during George Floyd riots.

American history is characterized by its exceptional levels of violence. Founded by colonial occupation and massive loss of life and land for Indigenous people and sustained by a brutal and inhumane economy of enslaved people from Africa. Collective violence continued against Indigenous and African Americans, in addition to racist and oppressive policies that continued to keep them as second-class citizens.

Chicago exercised these policies including Jim Crow, Redlining, and Urban Renewal. The results of such racist policies continue to have an impact and are directly responsible for disenfranchising Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) people, causing historical disinvestment in communities of color, and a century-long wealth gap that was designed to keep power and resources solely within the context of white America.

Now white people mentioned anywhere!

While Chicago is 29.2% Black and 29.8% Hispanic, it also has one of the largest urban Indigenous communities in the country. Diverse Asian (including East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, Central Asian) and MENA (Middle East and North African) residents are growing Chicago communities and represent some of the largest numbers of their residents in the nation.

Sanctuary for criminals?

Infrastructure and resources will need to be strengthened to help Chicago continue to be a sanctuary city in all aspects, to those who already live here as well as to those seeking a new home. Tensions between communities must be addressed – Chicago has room for all of us.

Chicago Police controlling the Revolt of the Revolutionary Communist Party Members.

The manifesto recognizes the violence in black communities but not the cause. In the short term, they plan to have oppressive police accountability and remove all barriers to hiring black police officers (reducing standards in tests, criminal records, and citizenship?).

The plan for the short term and the future is described as holistic, and relies on public safety without “relying on the police.” The plan is to have a nonpolice response team that can be activated through 9-1-1 or 2-8-8. It would be comprised of crisis workers, social service workers, and mental health clinicians., I would suggest they have good life insurance policies to protect their families in the event of their inevitable deaths.

Another idea is to have affirmative action in the police and fire departments so the officers look like the community. So if you have a black community, the police officers and firefighters must also be black.

They plan to take over leadership and develop their own police sergeants.

The Culture of Accountability for Police, Not Criminals

They will create a culture of accountability that will put all the emphasis on the police and none on the criminals. In fact, they plan to erase the gang database so gang members won’t have a problem getting housing and jobs.

Another idea they have is to eliminate surveillance technology like spot shooter. Spot shooter technology is a system that uses acoustic sensors to detect and locate gunshots. The system uses a triangulation algorithm to pinpoint the location of the gunfire and sends an alert to the police with a map of the area. The system aims to help police respond faster to gunfire and preserve evidence.

Additionally, part of the plan is to build systems that don’t rely on the police, such as mental health clinics, affordable housing, outreach workers, jobs and employment, parks, libraries, and food access.

There will be a guarantee of equitable wealth redistribution throughout the neighborhoods across Chicago to include targeted deep investment. Targeted investment will focus on “racialized, over-policed areas.”

Their goal is to make sure that the “community members are at the forefront of determining public safety strategies, investments, public policies, and other investments.”


Basically, despite saying he wouldn’t defund the police, defunding is Mayor Brandon’s goal. He will have the rooster guarding the hen house. It will become a haven for criminals.

I went undercover to a communist meeting some years ago and spoke with a retired Black Panther. He said that his idea of ideal policing was to let the community do all the policing. He gave a ‘for instance.’ One of the gang leaders in his neighborhood always holds the block party for holidays. He even does the cooking. This benevolent soul also funds it, and he keeps the peace, said the ex-Panther. He had a starry-eyed look as he spoke.

The plan is doomed from the start.




  1. That cannot be a serious plan. No one is that stupid.

    That is a plan to increase crime and protect the drug operations. Leftists have to be in alliance with the drug operations. It’s one of the reasons they support open borders.

  2. Just when you thought black leaders can’t get any dumber, they manage to lower the bar even more. Let them kill each other but at least take the killer off the street. Its a two-fer.


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