Child Molester Larry Nassar Stabbed Multiple Times in Prison


Child molester Larry Nassar was stabbed multiple times in the federal prison where he is serving hundreds of years for sexually assaulting gymnasts, including gold medal-winning Olympians.

Nassar, 59, was stabbed twice in the neck, twice in the back, and six times in the chest in the Sunday afternoon attack in the Federal Correctional Complex Coleman in Central Florida, a union official told The Post.

They say he’s lucky to be alive, but is that living? The staff allegedly saved his life because of their quick response. The knife hit vital organs, and he’s still in danger.

However, Nassar is in stable condition. He has a collapsed lung.

No one is quite sure how anyone got to him since he only associates with other pedophiles in a special wing. It could be a staffing issue. The staff has been complaining of understaffing.

The prison has 1200 male inmates, and it’s unclear if they know who did it.


More than 300 girls and women, including Olympians like Aly Raisman and Simone Biles, accused the former Michigan State University sports doctor of sexually abusing them under the guise of medical treatment in a pattern of horrendous abuse that stretched back decades.

He eventually admitted sexually assaulting athletes at the university and USA Gymnastics, which trains Olympians.

The abuse led to three separate prison sentences in state and federal trials.




  1. The prisoner deserves humane treatment. The prison system is corrupt too. Murderers get lighter sentences and better treatment that this man. The inmates should possess no weapons. Disciplinary action against the staff is warranted.

  2. Related,

    The Main Stream Media are making fun of the movie
    ” Sound of Freedom” and are calling people who like it ” conspiracy theorists” as if pedophilia and human trafficking did not exist.

    Well… Larry Nassar does exist

    Jeffrey Epstein did exist

    and in Tennessee they just arrested a man, a soccer coach who drugged and raped over 10 children

    but the MSM are laughing at us, calling us silly conspiracy theorists as if adults who abuse kids did not exist…as if some adults are not part of some organized networks that find kids to abuse them.

    the leftists journalist that make up over 90% of journalists are sub human pieces of what comes out our rear end.

  3. Good. I hope he has a painful recovery and is left with some lingering injuries before he dies and goes to hell, if there is one. What gets me is the several hundred girls abused and nobody said anything. Did they not tell their parents or was it too important to make the team? Sounds like the sex abuse that was reported at a college football camp the last few days. That sex abuse is common in those away summer football camps for high school and college kids. That gay shit goes back years. Your kids are not safe anywhere out of your sight especially when gathered with other males their own age. They usually don’t report the abuse. I guess they take one for the team.


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