China Is at War With the United States


Two Navy sailors were charged with spying for the Chinese government in two indictments announced Thursday afternoon. The individuals provided “critical technology” in the form of detailed ship manuals and outlined vulnerabilities of US warships to a Chinese handler. China seems interested in US naval capacities on the West Coast.

They only received about $10,000 to $15,000, making one wonder if China sent them.

Shortly before the announcement of these indictments, Chinese malware was discovered deep inside military computer networks. The malware was meant to disrupt U.S. military operations. Military analysts believe it would hinder power grids, communication systems, and water supplies supporting military bases worldwide. The malware was not active but obviously could be. It might be activated, say, if the US responds to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Let’s not forget our borders are wide open, and Chinese young men are pouring in. Let’s not forget that. They are pouring in through the Darien Gap. The numbers of crossers from the area have greatly increased. It’s also a known terrorist pathway.

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm secretly coordinated with the Chinese government just days before the Biden administration tapped domestic oil reserves to fight surging prices. So, how much influence does China have over our administration that now seems very compromised?

Only last year, a Chinese firm tied to the Chinese military tried to buy remote farmland outside a military base in North Dakota.

An Air Force general predicts an actual ground war with China by 2025. That would be insane.



  1. *They only received about $10,000 to $15,000…”

    Maybe the Chinese spies had a choice: the scant amount of money, having their organs harvested, or no choice. It’s the commie way.

  2. As the Spanish Civil War (Communists against the Fascists) was the testing ground for weapons and tactics for World War II, and the Ukraine seems to be a testing ground for Communists (Russia) against the West, what is the likely testing ground for the CCP vs the USA and its allies.”
    If the headline is correct, it is the Cyber War already underway!!! Is the Battle for Taiwan next?


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