Chinese Communist Military Owns “American” Farms


China is buying up farmland and sending propaganda around the Internet. But it is the rapid increase in their buying up of farmland that has some politicians worried. Rep. Dan Newhouse of Washington State is looking into it.

He sits on a Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party and the members are looking at the CCP buying US farmland because it has increased tenfold in recent years. They still own less than 1% of the farms in this country, but China’s an adversary and many believe they shouldn’t be buying up our farmland.

Lawmakers on both sides fear that with control of US farmland, China could manipulate US food supply, surveil sensitive military sites, or even steal valuable intellectual property.

CCP company posing as American, or just trying to please or avoid bad reviews?

China’s foreign ministry says the US is playing off of unwarranted national security fears to discriminate. Some say that China has succeeded in convincing people that complaining about the Chinese Communist party is racism.

Hopefully not. Americans are smart enough to distinguish between the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist party.

The CCP Company That  Looks American

Congressman Newhouse and the committee members are examining the CCP’s purchase of land.  He told the CNN reporter who traveled with him to Sunnyside that “in Sunnyside, you can see how close the business ties to China are…  Uou’re about to see the sign – it’s called Syngenta. This is a seed and pesticides manufacturer. It’s one of the largest in the world.

“And let me show you something else as you look from the outside here. Nothing about this suggests that it’s foreign-owned. In fact, you can even see, look right there, it’s an American flag that’s flying. Syngenta is headquartered in Switzerland but owned by China … [It] is 100% Chinese state-controlled and designated last year by the Defense Department as a military company. Its CEO, a former government official and member of the Chinese Communist party.

No Accusations of Wrongdoing

“Syngenta’s operating here legally and neither it nor its parent company have been accused of wrongdoing.”

In a statement to CNN, Syngenta stressed that the company has approximately 4400 US employees in 43 States and all its activities conducted on fields and farms in the US to benefit American farmers.

Newhouse is sponsoring a House bill that would heavily vet and restrict future investment from Chinese entities. A similar effort passed the Senate in July, and more than two dozen states have either passed or proposed their own restrictions on foreign ownership of land.

Whether they have done anything wrong yet is irrelevant. They could and they are a foe, and this company and most companies are owned by the Chinese military.

[China is perfectly content to defeat us financially as opposed to on the battlefield. Why help them do it?]




  1. This is, not only, allowed but normalized as in ‘nothing to see here folks’. This has happened because America is in the hands of communist ‘sympathizers’ and America haters. From Xi Biden( the Big Guy) to that little commie Mayorkas who is fully aiding the invasion from the South! Military firing squads should be their fate!!! In the past invading armies would ‘salt’ the fields so nothing will grow there for many, many years!

  2. Are American companies operating n China allowed to buy land? Are they maority American owned. “Courtesies” have to be equal.


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