Chinese Nationals Crash US Military Bases to Spy


With more than 8.6 million illegal aliens entering the United States under Joe Biden’s rule, the Wall Street Journal reports more than 100 incidents of Chinese nationals trying to enter US military bases and installations. Some pose as tourists.

Those are the 100 we know about.

U.S. officials call these incidents potential espionage attempts.

The Journal reports:

The incidents, which U.S. officials describe as a form of espionage, appear designed to test security practices at U.S. military installations and other federal sites. Officials familiar with the practice say the individuals are typically Chinese nationals pressed into service and required to report back to the Chinese government.

Congress is looking to legislation to train states and local regions in spotting “gatecrashers” since most trespassing laws are not federal.

China claims it’s not true, and some incidents are possibly accidental.

Some incidents are more disturbing:

Officials described incidents in which Chinese nationals say they have a reservation at an on-base hotel. In a recent case, a group of Chinese nationals claiming they were tourists, tried to push past guards at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, saying they had reservations at a commercial hotel on the base. The base is home to the Army’s 11th Airborne Division, which is focused on Arctic warfare.

Our enemies are taking advantage of the incredibly weak progressive US administration. If the “gatecrashers” are punished effectively, they will keep doing it.

The Progressive Democrat Party has no concerns about Joe Biden’s mental capacity which is legion worldwide:

In the first clip, Joe boasts about his failed economics policies – Bidenomics – with strange people cheering him. He screams at them, saying that people must pay their taxes. That’s something Hunter didn’t bother to do until he was caught.

He also pretends he’s a capitalist as he transforms the US into a socialist state.

He screams in this clip to because, I don’t know, to appear strong?

Biden did nothing for Maui after the disaster that was made worse by incompetent Democrats. Democrats won’t even pass a bill for FEMA aid for Maui and Florida until Republicans agree to $24 billion for Ukraine.

Here is Joe using the deaths of innocent people to promote his fraudulent climate agenda:

Personally, I doubt Joe Biden will be the candidate. We might see a bait-and-switch next year with someone like Michelle Obama standing in for her Marxist husband.



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