Chris Christie and Liz Cheney Are on the Same Mission


Chris Christie has pulled out of the running in the presidential race where he never took off, and Liz Cheney continues her mission. They have the same mission – destroy Trump at all costs. They must want open borders, economic catastrophe, and loss of freedoms for us all. What else am I to think?

Chris Christie and the embrace. He denied he hugged Barack. I guess Barack hugged him while Romney was campaigning that day in New Jersey, and Christie refused to meet with him. In fact, he said he might vote for Andrew Cuomo.

Chubby can’t tell the truth. He is quitting because he has no path to win and hasn’t since day one. That’s one lie. Chris Christie’s other lie is him saying he didn’t just want to be a voice against hate caused by Trump. He’s leaving because they want him to leave so Haley can get his voters. He likes to sound moral when he is the one who sold out his advisors on Bridgegate and his constituents on Beachgate.

He tries to present himself as moral in this next clip.

Liz Cheney also has Trump Derangement Syndrome. She’s smart, so she must want the communists and fascist globalists to win. She would rather allow Biden to take away our freedoms than let Trump win.

TDS is a real thing.



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