Chris Christie Boasts That He Spent the GOP Debate Bashing DJT


Former Gov. Chris Christie, who left office with a record-breaking 15% approval rating, bragged about his debate performance on MSNBC. He lauded the fact that he spent much of the time trashing Donald Trump.

His signature line was, “You’re not on this stage tonight because you’re afraid of being on the stage and defending your record. You’re ducking these things, and let me tell you what’s going to happen. You keep doing that — no one up here is going to call you Donald Trump anymore; we’re going to call you Donald Duck.”

What a jerk. Donald Trump didn’t go to the debate because he has a gazillion-point lead. That line was very bad, and he probably lost sleep thinking it up.

Christie isn’t running for office. He’s only on the stage to run Donald Trump down.

He told Mika on the enemy channel about the great job he did trashing Trump’s record.

Donald Trump had an excellent record. His tweets weren’t well-received, but the economy was great. There was peace in the world, and the border was far better.

Watch if you can bear it:

Christie is betraying Republicans. Mark Dice thinks all the candidates are.

Mark Dice sees all the GOP presidential candidates as traitors. They won’t say a word about Marxists using Third World tactics to imprison and bankrupt Donald Trump to eliminate him as a candidate.

The illegal crossers are pouring in, and Republicans in Congress aren’t saying a word about the millions coming in illegally. Mitch McConnell thinks that Ukrainians defeating the Russians is the most important thing for Americans right now, and Kevin McCarthy is on the floor of Congress wearing the flag of another country.

If you haven’t seen Trump joking about Biden not finding his way off a stage, stick with this to the end.



  1. After over 60 years of being an adult, of observing politics both from the outside and being an active party member involved in numerous campaigns, I have come to associate hate politics with anarchists, and in a more general sense the “woke” Democrat Party.

    Chris Christie appears to be a man so driven by hate, that he is driven to destroy not only the direct object of his hate, but anything or anyone who gets in his way.
    While people want to understand where the candidates stand on important issues, he dives many potential viewers away. He steals time other candidate could use the time to better explain their positions.

    The question I have: Are the Repubican leaders trying to destroy their own party by letting this sicko ruin the debates, or are they just as sick as he appears to be?

    Who is supporting his candidacy?


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