Chris Christie Defends Mr. Wray & Harms Weaponization Case


The following comments by Chris Christie are a disgrace. He can have whatever opinion of his friend, Christopher Wray, or the Republicans at the hearing he wants. However, to use his megaphone to attempt to obliterate the argument that the FBI is weaponized is unacceptable.

After you watch the Chris Christie clip, there is an excellent clip from Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly gives a very great summary of the lies and the proof of the agency’s weaponization. It’s not a long clip. What Chris Christie did is worse than a disgrace. He put politics above country and truth.

On Wednesday, former New Jersey Governor and current 2024 GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie launched a defense of FBI Director Christopher Wray. This came after the hearings with GOP Representatives grilling him. Christie called it theater.

Chris Christie

Christie said it was “theater and people trying to raise money for campaigns” during today’s Judiciary Committee hearing.

That’s not accurate. During the grilling, Christopher Wray refused to answer questions about Biden’s corruption and the FBI indirectly censoring Americans’ social media. Mr. Wray either couldn’t remember, evaded the questions, or was downright dishonest.

Christie, who is in the presidential race to take down Donald Trump, made an impassioned defense for the FBI director, stating, “What you saw today, I think, was an animated and combative FBI director who’s defending the men and women who work for him every day and do a great job.”

That was a Christie deception. No one is attacking the men and women of the FBI. That’s a diversion. The allegations are against the leadership.

Christie praised Wray for his efforts in protecting the United States from domestic and international terrorism threats and tackling drug cartels.

The former governor commented, “So, yeah, I think Chris Wray has done a very good job. And I think, look, a lot of the stuff you see today, John is theater and people trying to raise money for campaigns.”

Christie and Wray have been friends for twenty years, which has clouded his judgment and his moral fiber, such as it is.


There are real and justified concerns about the weaponization of the FBI, and Christie deliberately gave Democrats a talking point nullifying all of it.

Christie is acting against the Republican Party at this point.

If nothing comes of this, and we only have more angry hearings for nothing, then it is theater. We need to see some impeachments.

Here are a few clips. You decide if Christie’s right or not.

Definitely, listen to the first clip with Sid Rosenberg and Bill O’Reilly. Whether you like O’Reilly or not, this is an excellent summary demonstrating Wray’s corruption. It’s a must.



  1. Christie is coy enough to know who is in charge post-coup and how to appeal to the elites for fame and fortune. Christie needs a big job. He badly wants to be admitted to the corrupt elites club. He has a long history of big lies, which are sometimes called gaslighting. He is well aware of the criminality of the FBI. We saw how self serving he is when he adored Obama just before an election. This is a self serving person who in slang is a “suck up”.

  2. Christie needs to shut his mouth and craw back in the hole he came out of. First none of those congress people were talking about the men and women of the FBI. 90% are putting their lives on the line to protect America. What they are talking about is the FBI leader & 10% that are weaponizing the FBI. It is the leadership and some individuals. Pay attention Christie and stop trying to get your face on the TV.

  3. Supposedly Trump recently said he appointed Chris Wray to head the FBI on the recommendation of Chris Christie. Uhmm! Should we believe Trump was stupid on who Trumped listened to?


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