Christie Wished Everyone Attacked Donald Trump in 2016


Chris Christie of Bridgegate fame said Sunday that Republicans made “a mistake” in 2016 by not targeting former President Trump during his first bid for the White House.

His comments are mindboggling. Christie wanted a job with Donald Trump in 2016. He also prepared him for the 2020 debates.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl on “This Week” played a clip of Christie taking a shot at Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) during a 2016 GOP primary debate. Karl asked Christie whether the former New Jersey governor regretted not taking a “swing” at Trump instead of Rubio.

Christie responded that all of the GOP candidates made a mistake in not going after Trump.

“I wish that I had taken swings at both of them, Jon, looking back on it,” he said. “I think we all made a mistake in 2016 — myself, Marco, Jeb Bush, John Kasich — in not going after Donald Trump.”

“I think we all were under the illusion that somehow what was obvious to us at the moment, that there were better candidates on the stage than him, would be obvious to the public,” he said. “It wasn’t, and I think it should inform everybody’s approach to the race this time. It certainly is informing mine.”

Beachgate Christie certainly wasn’t one of the allegedly better candidates.

Christie-Obama hug

He was on the debate stage again after leaving the governorship of New Jersey with an 8% approval rating. He’s only there to trash Trump and anyone who disagrees with him.

He says he attacked Vivek Ramaswamy last night because he disliked how Vivek went after everyone for having lobbyists and other big donors.

Christie is a gasbag.



  1. Christie is a buffoon. He is one of a long list of RINOs who appear on leftist TV to smear conservatives. (Christie, Barr, Flake, Cassidy, many more) The party has a lot of infiltrators who are America Last and on the left. They are usually easy to identify. A few of them actually go on communist TV and fully expose themselves. But there are lots more behind the scenes.

  2. Let’s not forget what made Christie such a household name. He acted quite like Trump in his demeanor. It was those soundbites that escalated him to national attention, but Trump stole his thunder and it made him, mad as hell and not taking it anymore.

  3. Mrs. Christie.
    [wpd-tenor full=’I29cEuhN2d0AAAAM/cake-fat.gif’ preview=’I29cEuhN2d0AAAAe/cake-fat.png’ width=’498′ height=’498′]

  4. Christie hates Vivek because Vivek obviously knows who and what Christie is all about even if Christie tried to ‘shower’ off the swamp slime for the debate.
    Substitute Vivek’s name in the comment about how Trump should have been treated and you know the kind of mud most of the others will be slinging at him.
    The more the Democrats see Vivek as a threat, the more likely DOJ will be after him for some trumped up charges of Stock fraud. Most of it will just be their jealousy of his success as a businessman, but also their deep seated racism against people of color. The probably line: he is not really an American and he is even of a different faith than real Americans.


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