Christopher Worrell Who Pepper Sprayed Police on J6 Has Fled


Proud Boys member Christopher Worrell, who was found guilty of seven charges in connection with pepper spraying a police officer during the January 6, 2021 riot at the United States Capitol, was supposed to be sentenced last Friday in Florida. Prosecutors were asking for a sentence of up to 14 years in jail.

According to the Associated Press, he’s now on the lam. He has been on house arrest in Naples, Florida since November, 2021.

Prison officials in D.C. willfully delayed treatment for Worrell’s broken hand and his non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Judge Royce Lamberth found them in contempt and ordered house arrest.

The woman listed as his custodian is also missing.

The sentence hearing was canceled and an arrest warrant has been issued. If found, he will face additional charges.

Worrell was convicted by Lamberth in a bench trial, who said in his ruling, “The evidence demonstrates that Mr. Worrell traveled to Washington, D.C., for the purpose of ensuring that the Electoral College Certification of President Biden failed. The evidence shows that he then furthered that goal by both joining the mob and then by spraying the officers.”

Non-Hodgkins can be bad. Fourteen years could be a death sentence. Perhaps that motivated him to run. Anyone facing fourteen years would consider it.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter mostly escaped punishment for a lot worse than pepper spray. Many had their records wiped. It’s not a fair system. I’m not condoning pepper spraying the police. He’s lucky they didn’t shoot him. Just pointing out the inequities.



  1. I hope he has fled to Mexico, Russia or Nicaragua where he can request political asylum. It is time to begin organizing a government in exile as we can be 100%  certain the 2024 election will be a sham. The organized crime family masquerading as the Democratic Party will brazenly steal the election  through massive voter fraud and voter intimidation. GIven the Trump indictments there can be NO fair election and we will have to exercise our 2nd Amendmant rights to regain our freedom.

  2. Usually I would say it is a bad idea to try to run and hide from justice, but what is happening here is not justice.

    The way January 6 protesters and Trump are treated is not justice at all, the way BLM and Antifa are released or get super light sentences is not justice.

    When the justice system is so defective that it becomes a weapon of persecution, and that the people running it are more criminal than the people they are arresting, you stand no chance of getting a fair trial.

    If you can, disapear to some far away nation because the democrat crime syndicate that is now in charge of everything is evil incarnate.

    evil incarnate.

  3. When the truly guilty are breaking the law, and facing no criminal charges, I suppose one could becomes less obedient and more desperate. Without knowing all the facts, Mr. Worrell may have used pepper spray to stop one of the DC officers from harming the peaceful protesters? We’ve seen visuals of that happening in the videos that surfaced. If he’s not privy to a fair trial, we may never know.


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