Clear Evidence of Good and Evil This Week


After this week, it’s clear that we have radical illegal crossers, antifa, and Black Lives Matter rooting for the death of Israelis in US major cities. This is what we have in this country. This is who we are now?

Here’s Japan singing the Israel National Anthem. They stand apart from the horrific pro-Hamas rallies and riots in the West.


Look at some of the murdered young people.

Erick Erickson did a good job of describing evil in this clip.

The public displays by the hardcore Progressive left in the West are terrifying. What’s next? Genocide in the United States or some other Western nation. My family fought in every war. They fought in World War II against the Nazis and Fascists, and we must fight them again. The monsters rallying for Hamas, claiming it’s for Palestine, are evil.


The Pro-Palestine Rallies immediately after the massacre are pro-Hamas, and it’s evil.



  1. They are exposing their network. I know what goes on in my neighborhood.
    Do you know what goes on in yours?
    Big red flag went up for people…don’t get complacent.
    This was education week. People learned.
    Timing was symbolic and maybe intended to signal completion of another op, infiltration on other fronts. I live in the woods and deal with animals often. We establish territory and set up alarms. Then we have a response sequence.


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