Clown World Propaganda! How They Trick Us


A pro-EU globalist Twitter Channel Visegrad 24 put out a photo of a little ‘Ukrainian’ boy rescuing his dog after Russians allegedly bombed their own dam.

Here’s the same photo from nine years ago.

We are inundated with propaganda all day long. Everyone lies to get their agenda pushed. Wait until AI is in full swing.

Watch at 35:10:

A church in Germany held a service with a sermon written by Chatbot, appearing as a black man. The minister said he contributed 2% of the sermon, which centered on not being afraid to die.

How do you have religion without the personal human-to-human touch?

“Dear friends, it is an honor for me to stand here and preach to you as the first artificial intelligence at this year’s convention of Protestants in Germany,” the AI avatar began.

The service, which more than 300 people attended, lasted 40 minutes and featured prayers and music in addition to the sermon. The AP reported that University of Vienna theologian and philosopher Jonas Simmerlein, 29, used ChatGPT to craft the event.

We’re in the hands of liars, thieves, and lunatics. They are working on the children, beginning with gender ideology.


Linda Goudsmit believes, “Education in America is being weaponized to create generations of people unable to distinguish between objective reality (what really is) and subjective reality (feelings).

“We can’t have a free society without the ability to distinguish between the two.”

“The globalist social engineers are skilled strategists who are busy applying wartime psychological tactics to “change the hearts and minds” of American children. Their strategic goals are to replace parental authority with government authority and to move society from objective reality to subjective reality. I want to be clear about the meaning of these two terms.

“Objective reality is the adult world of facts; subjective reality is the childish world of feelings. So, in subjective reality, little Johnny may be convinced he is a bird and can fly, but in objective reality, if Johnny jumps off a tall building, he will fall to his death because gravity is a fact of life in objective reality, regardless of Johnny’s feelings.

Interfering with a child’s developing ability to reality test is a staggering deceit and a monstrous abuse of power.”



  1. This is a very important observation!!!

    M. Dowling has hit the center of the nail head.

    “People unable to distinguish between objective reality (what really is) and subjective reality (feelings).”
    I already witnessed this in my high school in the late 1950’s. Not surprising the USA is now so warped.


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