Clown World: Queer Theory for Nuclear Weapons Policy


Slay News reports that researchers are calling for world leaders to apply Queer Theory to nuclear weapons policy. They claim it will strengthen national security.

According to the Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation’s Louis Reitmann and Sneha Nair of the Stimson Center, “governments cannot afford to lose out on the human capital and innovation potential of queer people” when discussing the “high stakes” topic of nukes.

These allegedly come from LGBTQ folks’ “life experiences” such as empathy, perseverance, and being able to “navigate being different.”

The researchers also claim the lack of diversity leaves us “vulnerable,” and focuses on “human rights,” thus alerting people to the harm done with nuclear weapons.

I have a better idea, let’s teach it in schools instead of gender transitioning and other queer pedagogy. We’re stepping on parental rights with this queer instruction.

That brings me to the drag queen ideology.

Drag queens and other strange protesters were thought to have admitted they were “coming for our children” as they chanted and marched at a Thompkins Park rally in Manhattan. There is some disagreement about what they were chanting.

The community notes on the tweet said they are clearly saying, “We are not going shopping,” and the chant “We’re coming for your children” was from someone behind the camera.

You decide.

However, the point is they’re still bizarre and promote drag queens for children. Drag queens mostly exhibit notoriously vulgar behavior. Their entire reason for being is sexual innuendo or explicit sexual performances. It’s their right to be who they are, but don’t tell the rest of us we have to think it’s normal and good for children.

Currently, the Left is brainwashing our children. They are groomers. You can see the grooming in the polls. GenZ are far more receptive to teaching sexual orientation and gender transitioning in K-3 than Millennials or the generations before them.

It falls along party lines.

A University of Massachusetts poll found that 66% of Biden voters believe you can change your gender, and only 9% of Trump voters do. As for Independents, 36% of them think you can change your gender.

People can change their appearance, but they can’t change their biology. If adults want to have surgery and change their attributes, then that’s their business. Changing children is a whole other matter. It falls under grooming and could cause them to have a liftetime of misery.

People should also know that drag queens and transvestites are not transgenders. There is a lot of misinformation on that issue.



  1. I remember when queers hated being called queers, so they stole the word gay. Now they’re running out of colors for their stolen rainbow and letters from our alphabet as they continue to make up more sick ideas as they go.

  2. Shove all these degenerates whether they are gay or straight, on one island and nuke them to hell. They add nothing positive to society. They go against nature and many are criminals. Be done with them.


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