Clown World: Rolling Gun Battle Near San Francisco Tourist Area


Rolling gun battle on the waterfront near San Francisco’s Pier 39 injures 6, including a 10-year-old girl. Soft-on-crime policies do not work.

San Francisco police are investigating a car-to-car shooting that left at least two people with gunshot wounds near Pier 39, a tourist area. Four others were injured, including a young girl walking her bike across the Embarcadero.

The gunfire was stopped in front of the Harbor Court Hotel, which charges $313 a night. It’s considered a tourist’s hotel.

The shooting occurred by Beach and Stockton Streets around 6:45 p.m. Sunday.
Police Chief Bill Scott said it was a shootout between people in two cars. But the mayhem ended up stretching for about a mile.

Police later said it was believed to be two competing San Francisco gangs. [Gee and the laws there don’t allow guns. The gangs didn’t get the memo.]

Police spoke with people in a black SUV believed to be involved, but the other vehicle, a white sedan, fled.

It wasn’t exactly clear who was shot, but police indicated it was probably the people in the black SUV.

The gun battle appears to be targeted. In other words, it was gang activity.

Police Chief Scott said glass shards cut three other people after gunfire struck the windows of nearby vehicles.  One of the involved cars hit a 10-year-old girl walking her bike across the street.

There will be accountability,” Scott told reporters. “I am confident we will resolve this case, and the message is clear: you cannot and will not come to this city and commit these acts and walk away from here and get away with it.”

He added: “These are very traumatizing types of events on a beautiful Sunday, Father’s Day, we had this type of chaos in our city, and that’s unacceptable.”


It didn’t take long for these radical Democrats to ruin a heavenly place.


In the meantime, I need a designer bag; maybe I should visit San Fran and get one for free. You can steal up to about $1000 in San Francisco.

In New York City, you can jump turnstiles and not pay. The MTA lost $690 million in 2022 on this.  Now, it’s not just the homeless or some preferred identity group but everyone jumping turnstiles. People in business suits do it now. That’s what happens when you take away the laws.

Furthermore, homeless are given a pass on crimes simply because they’re homeless.




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