CNBC Hosts Couldn’t Handle Chants of “USA” at the NYSE


Public Sq went public on the NYSE last week. Public Square is an American marketplace, a network of pro-freedom businesses, giving Americans a choice that doesn’t involve ESG -controlled globalist businesses.

Public Square already has over 55,000 businesses and over 1 million active consumers. They include products from daily essentials to great restaurants near you.

When people celebrated in the NYSE with chants of “USA! USA,” two CNBC hosts couldn’t bear it.

Squawk on the Street host David Faber covered his ears, and always-wrong-Cramer scowled. They were trying to discuss home prices instead of Public Square. They would have handled it differently if they liked America and people who support freedom.



  1. Oh the simple things that radicals can not stand to hear.
    Imagine if someone read something like the Gettysburg address within their listening range.


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