Coca Cola Quietly Makes a Big Change in BLM Support


After years of supporting Black Lives Matter, an anti-family, anti-police, anti-capitalism Marxist organization, Coca-Cola has quietly made a huge change.

It looks like they realize Black Lives Matter isn’t just an uplifting slogan but a group with goals that don’t necessarily align with selling Coca-Cola.

What did it finally? It was BLM openly supporting a terrorist organization, Hamas.

The revolutionary founders of BLM, who were exposed as grifters, didn’t seem to be enough to shake their support.

Some BLM chapters openly contributed to Hamas. And suddenly, any mention of money donated to the group is missing from their webpage. Their politically correct donation was mistakenly given, but it took a lot for Coke to own up to their mistake.

One of Coca-Cola’s brands, Sprite, gave $500,000 to the Black Lives Matter global network as part of its fight for racial Justice.

That’s all scrubbed now.

New York, USA – July 15, 2022: Old vintage sign of Coca-Cola drink on the facade of the building.

Texas senator Ted Cruz posted screenshots on X that showed before and after images of the Coke donations web page.


BLM Chicago sent this meme out. At first, they tried to say they were hacked but later owned up to it. The paraglider represents the paragliders who landed at an Israeli celebration of teens and 20-somethings to rape and slaughter the attendees. Over 200 young people were killed.

On October 11, in response to backlash over its post, BLM Chicago said in a statement: “Yesterday we sent out mss [messages] that we aren’t proud of. We stand with Palestine & the people who will do what they must to live free. Our hearts are with the grieving mothers, those rescuing babies from the rubble, who are in danger of being wiped out completely.”



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