Col. Macgregor: 400K Troops Advancing Toward Kyiv


Col. Douglas Macgregor gave another update on the war in Ukraine, and he paints a bleak picture. He said how many are wounded is anyone’s guess – hospitals are full. Ukraine’s army is having trouble evacuating, and Russians are heading for Kyiv.

Ukrainians Are Not Winning

In the clip, Macgregor described the areas where Russians have broken through. He said the Ukrainian counter-offensive couldn’t work. Ukrainians have tried to break through Russian defenses. Ukrainians have never gotten through the Russian security zones to reach any of the main defenses.

“The security zones are enormous in strength and depth and lethality. You’ve got about a 15 to 25 kilometer security zone out in front of three main defensive belts. Ukrainians have never gotten through the security zone to reach any of the main defenses. It’s kind of a hopeless situation and I think,” Macgregor said, “they’ve been squandering human life on an industrial scale in hopes of winning greater political support…”

He said that support isn’t coming. He added that the Ukrainian Army “was built on the fly.”

Putin Wants Negotiations, And He’s Building His Military Might

Macgregor said Putin wants negotiations and is moving deliberately to avoid war with NATO. Russia wanted neutrality, and Macgregor doesn’t understand why that’s a problem.

Macgregor said “about 750,000 troops [are] now in Western Russia, in and around Ukraine, about 300 plus thousand are simply sitting in reserve waiting to be told what to do.”

They have 400,000 right now who are heading for Kyiv.

Macgregor thinks the plan is to go to 1.2 million or 1.7 million. Russia is now issuing new equipment and they are manufacturing munitions day and night. They are now a military powerhouse, “which they weren’t before February.”

Russians didn’t want NATO near their defenses, especially nuclear. They didn’t want Biolabs and Russians being shot in border towns. They knew that the US built up the Ukrainian army to 400,000 and knew that the only purpose was malevolent.

The Big Lie
“The Big Lie is that this was inevitable, and Russia wants to march all the way to the Atlantic,” Macgregor said.
The US government is responsive to donors – not the people – or we wouldn’t have lawlessness, drugs, and open borders. 

“Washington is aware that it’s in decline, largely as a consequence of its own stupid actions, but they don’t want to give up on anything. In other words, if you go back and look at the British Empire, the British Empire did not fall apart until their debt-to-GDP ratio was 240% and they could no longer afford to stay in India – the jewel in the crown. Then suddenly from 1947 onwards, everything collapses, falls apart. I see this happening” to us.

“It’s not about Democrats and Republicans anymore.”

There is much more about why and when we should intervene.

There is serious Marxist influence at West Point and other military institutions. The interviewer asked him how we combat this. He discussed the standards of the profession and transgender nonsense.




  1. There was never any doubt that Russia would win in the long run was there? Unless Nato steps in that is what Joe the Sniff Bribeme wants but what about the rest of the Nato big shots maybe not

  2. The Colonel is concerned about the subjugation of US interests and our violation of neutrality agreements which caused this war. The complete lack of news on the war from our junk press indicates it is not going well.

    Russia has Ukraine covered on all 4 sides, maybe this is the time to force our corrupt west into negotiation.

  3. This guy is just a sad pathetic little man. Why the Putin man love? The Russian counter counter offensive has already been turned back. Now the front lines are called security zones…sure that’s a thing. Wake up and get real fool.

    • You are just another paid troll. You were unable of course to refute a single thing he stated. That would require an attention span and reasoning ability.

    • Is that you Barry? How’s the paddle boarding going . . . ?

      If you haven’t figured this out by now . . . you must be like Joe & Zelenski, corrupt and on the take . . .

    • Just because someone is telling you the truth does not mean they have the same type of financial reasons you were told a different story to start with. Anyone betting on Corrupt Ukraine or Corrupt Russia was betting on a Corrupt horse regardless. America had no business being involved & that was before the Corrupt 2014 US/Ukraine Coup. I hope you gained a better understanding of how corrupt the world is over there, even our elite politicians enjoy how you can buy anything you want. Want a prosecutor fired for investigating the company your Son sits on the board of… $1BLN in other people’s money is a cheap price to charge.

    • The defensive lines alone are about 10km in depth with tank traps at the front followed by dragons teeth and then the trenches with foxholes and pillboxes. These are scattered all along the front lines such that Ukraine has to penetrate them before taking over.

      Western sources have shown the battlefield and Ukraine has been pretty much stuck for months. Ukraine is in a very bad position because all their efforts are across open fields separated by tree line windbreaks. As soon as they venture out they are spotted and pummeled with rockets, drones and artillery. They just don’t have the cover for successful operations.


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