Col McGregor Explains the Russian ‘Coup’ Perfectly


During an interview yesterday, Colonel McGregor explained what he thought happened in Russia in the last few days. He’s insightful and his explanation appears to make all the pieces fit.

The Colonel said, “I wouldn’t call it a coup. I think what happened is that Mister Prigozhin, who, as you know, is a well-known blowhard and has frequently said outrageous things, reached the conclusion that I think a lot of people in the senior ranks of the Russian army have reached, and that is two things.

“First, that this war has dragged on too long, and they want to Putin to take decisive action to end it.

“Secondly, I think the fear is that the United States will be tempted to intervene in western Ukraine with its Polish allies and others potentially if this does not come to an end.

“So Prigozhin staged this, went down to Rostov, to the theater command center. He stayed there. There was no violence, but then he dispatched 4000 troops to go toward Moscow.


“30,000 troops in the Moscow Garrison were mobilized and prepared to fight, and ultimately Russian aircraft and attack helicopters were used against the 4000 troops that Ferguson had sent toward Moscow.

“So, at least in Moscow, people took this very seriously.

“As soon as there was any indication of fighting and that anyone could be killed, Prigozhin immediately called a halt to it.”

Lukashenko has known Mr. Prigozhin for 20 years at least, is a close friend of his, and spoke with Putin, who gave him permission to talk directly to Prigozhin. The outcome was Prigozhin left.


“There will be no charges against him, and one of the reasons for that is that both the Wagner group and Prigozhin are very popular with Russian people. They see him as the kind of aggressive leader that they want on the battlefield and in this war with Ukraine. So I think what we have now to expect is a very powerful offensive will be unleashed against the Ukrainians…”

“Secondly, I think you’re going to see some changes at the top of the Russian command structure. I would expect General Slovakian, in particular, to rise as a result of this, but like you [the host], I see no evidence, frankly, that Mister Prigozhin was made an agent by MI-6 or the CIA or anybody else.

“Anybody who knows the Russians knows that any senior officer or commander or leader is surrounded by numerous FSB informants. The idea that he could have sold out even if he wanted to seems ludicrous.”

You can watch the whole clip on YouTube at Col. MacGregor’s Straight Calls.

Now if you google “Russian Coup,” you’ll get this:

The non-Russian coup explained by US papers.

That’s what the US newspapers want you to believe. After listening to Col. MacGregor, you decide who makes the most sense.


Further on in the MacGregor clip, he explains that The Wagner Group aren’t actually mercenaries. They’re more like the French Foreign Legion, and they are loyal. They thought they were rescuing Putin from bad advisors.

That is the most important point.

Putin wants to move cautiously, but others in Russia want a more aggressive war. MacGregor said Ukraine has collapsed. Also, there has been a lot of dangerous talk in DC about nuclear weapons.


“There’s been a lot of very dangerous talk in Washington about nuclear weapons. And you have this piece of legislation that’s under consideration in the Senate that talks about threatening Russia with nuclear strikes if they detect anything that they consider to be evidence of a Russian nuclear operation.

“The Russians have made it very clear they will not use nuclear weapons unless we do. However, Zelensky has been encouraging his forces to attack a nuclear power plant on the Yepper …. The Russians have guarded it and protected it, trying to shut it down as much as possible because they don’t want the radioactivity loose. But this is the kind of dirty bomb threat that Zelensky has made real for a long time.

“As a result, the Russians, I think collectively, have said, ‘Good Lord, what happens if this man Zelensky succeeds in something at the plant? That it amounts to a dirty bomb or the equivalent of it. And then the US uses it as an excuse to intervene and launch a tactical nuclear weapon against us. I think these things were also in Prigozhin’s mind. I guess it’s why Prigozhin said I’ve got to do something dramatic to get Putin’s attention.

“Remember, Putin and he have known each other for many years. …that’s why I don’t buy the notion it’s a coup. I think he got Putin’s attention. I think we’re going to see change at the top and I think this offensive is going to be unleashed. That’s the outcome that Prigozhin wanted to be now unleashed.

There is much more in his interview on his YouTube channel.

Then again, none of us know what is going on and we will have to wait and see what happens next.



  1. I trust this expert Becky Koffler on the subject:
    Prigozhin’s ‘Coup’ May Be ‘Staged,’ Says Ex-CIA Analyst.
    Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin’s march on Moscow was ‘staged’ by Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, to boost his political power and reinforce support for the conflict, argues the Russian-born, former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst Rebekah Koffler. “What has changed… in the last few hours? All of a sudden, [Prigozhin] decided to turn his troopers around and made this deal? No, this is all staged,” Koffler claims. The mutiny was also used to “demonstrate to President Biden that, no, Russia is not a threat. Russia is actually… involved in its own domestic turmoil. But this is all a classic distraction and classic Putin.” US intelligence agencies believe Putin was aware of the Wagner rebellion before the event began on Friday but have been confused.

  2. Or it COULD just be exactly as Prigozhin said — that he was really ticked off because Putin had his military fire rockets at him to try to kill him for constantly pointing out to the world how inept and poorly equipped the Russia military is, so he told Putin, “You fire rockets at me, I’m coming after you.” Putin hopped in his plane as reported and flew off and begged Lukashenko to strike a deal. Prigozhin, knowing he has been a hothead and could not really defeat the entire Russian military without destroying his beloved Moscow and himself and his men, took the deal. It COULD just be the simplest answer that covers all the basis. But, why go for that, if you can create far more elaborate reasons?

    • It COULD be, and it is, that you are another propagandist.

      Russia was so badly equipped that it took a large amount of territory, accomplishing its stated goals, in 1 year, while the USA gave Ukraine more than the entire Russia military budget. You engage in inverted thinking.

  3. With this many players on the field, there are going to be lots of things that nobody can explain about this war. But the globalists have told us what their final goal is. And we know that their agenda is to rid the world of God and his servants. They also want to reduce world population and simultaneously destroy Russia and the United States at the same time while bringing in a global government with the Antichrist in charge of it all. We know criminals often work together to accomplish Satans goals, much like drug kingpins meeting in a crackhouse until the day the drug deals don’t go down the way they wanted, at which time someone gets shot. So Biden can blame Trump for back room political deals with Putin, while simultaneously having his own meetings with Putin to feed men to grinder on the battlefield in order to cover his own money laundering, child trafficking and bio weapons labs. Our government operates in complete secrecy now.

  4. Or perhaps this is all fake and a good way to get the Wagner Group to Belarus so they can attack Ukraine from the north. But I guess Putin isn’t devious enough to think of this.

  5. Should anything happen to the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, the West will turn itself inside out to blame Russia, no differently from when the West blew up the Nordstream and immediately pointed to Russia as the culprit. The Neocons in the US Senate (talking to you, Lindsey Graham and yer good ol’ pal Richard Blumenthal, the crazed authors of the berserk piece of legislation the Colonel is talking about in this video) are beyond desperate to provoke Russia into World War III. As the goon from BlackRock said to the James O’Keefe assistant last week, “War is good for business!”

    So far, Putin has stood steadfastly against being provoked. He’s the only one who truly wants this to end, being granted nothing more than his stated objectives at the outset of this conflict: [a] the Russian nationalist section of Ukraine (the Donbass), which has for nine years ( !!! ) been under attack by Kiev, and which has voted to be restored to the Russian landmass under the auspices of the Russian Federation, to be restored to it; and [b] that Ukraine not be swept into NATO.

    As you say, all we can do is wait and see. But I already know whatever the western MSM/press will have to say about whatever happens will be nothing but a mountain of lies.

  6. For the first time I see big problems in the claims of MacGregor. Of course there was no coup. But he knows Russia has accomplished its goals. That did not include a takeover. The west can take western Ukraine if they want, they would disguise it as aiding freedom. Poland has an aggressive posture, wants nukes. Russia has no reason to get aggressive at this time. If Russia takes the west, Poland will be up in arms, increasing tensions. The war is taking so long because MacGregor will not admit the stated goals of the Russians.

    • Wow, whoever downvoted me was unable to pay attention to the state Russian goals in the war. Those goals were achieved. MacGregor can have any goals he wants, but those are not Russia’s goals.

  7. Col. McGregor is right. Sadly we can no longer believe anything that comes out of the American “Mainstream Media”(it is anything but Mainstream) or this current corrupt regime and all of it’s toadies.


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