Collapsing the System to Get Donald Trump


The desperation to eliminate Donald Trump has cost the government and the media enormous credibility. Established precedents do not matter because Donald Trump is a Republican.

Bill Clinton shared confidential documents – it was legal (sock drawer case), and his wife Hillary years later got away with destroying tens of thousands of files, including secret documents. The media currently ignores the biggest presidential scandal this country has ever seen – the Biden bribery scandal.


“The old system is collapsing,” Carlson told Axios. “You can’t claim you’ve got a democracy if all the information voters receive before a presidential election has been curated by the people already in charge.”

Carlson warns that the mainstream media provides information to voters that comes from just a handful of people who already have power and will never give it up.

The media has lied too often to the American people, but the public is now waking up. The media has become propaganda from the Iraq war to the Trump-Russia hoax.

Pfizer was caught funneling $12 Million to Anderson Cooper to promote mRNA Jabs to Americans. According to RFK Jr., very few people know Cooper gets most of his CNN paycheck from Pfizer.


Now we have a scam Espionage Act that suggests Donald Trump is a spy when he isn’t. The Act is likely unconstitutional, according to most legal experts.

The charges against Donald Trump were announced the same day that Joe Biden was accused of bribery when he served as Vice President.

There are several whistleblowers, and there are audios of Biden with foreign nationals accusing him of bribery.

Biden held classified documents for years that he, as Vice President, had no right to. He even stole documents from SCIFS over decades and left all of them in his garage, office closets, home, and at a university. Some ended up in storage in Chinatown.

The 49-page indictment against Donald Trump shows rooms filled with boxes. They even found boxes in a bathroom. As Greg Kelly mentioned on Newsmax last night, the photos are intended to fool Americans into thinking they are all filled with classified documents. They are not. There were 102 documents (700 pages) in question that wouldn’t fill a tenth of one box.

The photos were partly for the benefit of the mainstream media. They act as an arm of the Democrat Party and are using it to make Donald Trump look guilty.

The prosecutors forced Donald Trump’s lawyers to talk to them about private conversations where he simply asked questions. The prosecutors’ case is built on those conversations. They have destroyed attorney-client privilege.

Larry Johnson says Ukraine is totally dependent on NATO for arms. They can’t produce any. They also have a manpower issue.

More information has come out about the leak of the Iran plan, which is one point of concern. Gen. Milley told people Donald Trump wanted to attack Iran, and Trump was telling the group that Milley came up with the plan. He allegedly waved a confidential document around that showed the plan. Did anyone see what was on it? We don’t know.

This is what they’re afraid of:

Correction: the 102 documents amounted to 700 pages. ‘700 pages’ was added after publication to make the point clear and accurate.



  1. Who would of thought that the worst President of the United States is the same president who is the most corrupt in the history of the United States.
    America gets two for the price of one and most still have no clue. Fortunately, the awakening is very close.

  2. The pedophile, insurrectionist, treasonous, anti-American deep state are paranoid that they should be hung by the neck until dead for their heinous crimes. Like their ilk in past history, they can bite the poison pill and blow their brains out before their bunkers are captured. Better, give their hearts to Jesus whose door is always open.

  3. It’s all a psyop and Trump is in on it. Wake Up People, he gave us death and massive injuries to millions of American’s and he is still pushing it. You have been DUPED !

  4. People who get all their ” news” from the MSM don t even know all of this is happening.

    They don’t know how Joe and Hunter Biden are corrupt to the bone.

    They don’t know their favorite MSM media are bending over backward to hide the crimes of the Bidens…which means they have absolutely no idea their media are lying to them.

    They have no idea who are the bad guys and who are the good guys.

    People who get all their ” news” from the MSM are like people who follow some weird cult leader , they are ultra naive, deeply brainwashed and no matter what they are told they believe it…and they are reminded everyday that anyone who says the opposite is a bad evil liar.

    People who do not know Republicans have mountains of evidence the Bidens are a crime family think we are the ones who are brainwashed, are 100% sure it is us who are lying, not their MSM.

    The MSM have refined hypnoptizing the masses to an art, they can have them believe anything…and the disciples of the MSM will beat you with a stick if you insist their media are lying.

    The media are like those people who convinced everyone a couple hundred years ago that it was the right thing to do to burn women and their cats because they were all supposedly witches.

    This is more than the new witch hunt of Salem, this is the new Spanish inquisition… but this time they are torturing and murdering political heretics; those who refuse to believe in woke leftism.

    The MSM are the enemy of truth, which makes them the enemy of the people.

    I know this triggers a red flag at the computers of the democrat-nazis, a red flag that says ” potential terrorist! ” but they can spy on me all day, they will see I am no one, no one important, just a man with opinions.

  5. America is toast under democrats and comrade biden. All hope for a free country has been destroyed.

    To think that all those who sacrificed their lives for this once great country have been trampled under foot by the Democrat party. What a pathetic disgrace these traitors are.

    I am 55 and plan to live out my life as best I can and could really care less about American society anymore. The country I knew growing up is dead.

    This does not mean that I don’t love God fearing and American loving patriots, it just means this is the results of ungodly heathens and the what results when you push God out of everything

  6. the crimnals posing as ‘the justice system’ ARE NOT AFRAID AT ALL. Rather, they act with impunity and arrogant abuse of power precisely because they know that they have usurped all power – including the corrupt judges – so that they FEAR NOTHING. They are organized criminals that excercise authoritarian power , and all who oppose them or otherwise get in their way are merely crushed like bugs without a second thought. Don’t fool yourself in thinking you scare them – they despise you but have zero fear of you – they laugh and feel validated by anyone who is too dumb to understand this.

  7. Hmm, seems DJT is in the way of their plan to collapse the system, which appears to be the goal of their every move.

  8. Someone is so afraid of PDJT….it borders on the pathological how terrified they are. Did someone commit treason? That can be only reason for this drumbeat to incarcerate this man. Should he win the election the traitors could end up in prison for life, or worse…..and they know it.

    • It’s Obama and both houses of Cngress that fear Trump. Both parties did and said nothing to try to stop the total fraud Barack Hussein Obama from being sworn-in. Both parties at that moment gave America’s government and her military to her enemies. Crimes, (treason) does not get any bigger than that and both parties are complicit. Hillary was not suppose to lose as the planned and promised after Obama cover president, and for sure not to Donald Trump. Trump, as private citizen Donald Trump offered Obama 5 million dollars for Obama’s favorite charity if Barry would show his passoort and school records….Obama did not. Both parties are protecting themselves from their treason possibly being revealed and acted, first be removing Trump in the stolen 2020 election and now by insuring he is never elected president again. This has been obvious since 2009 and it is now more obvious than ever before. Nothing happens because of who is involved, and the fact that Obama is both race and ineligibility protected….untouchable.. Goodby America…….There should never be a crime too big to prosecute but so farThe Obama Fraud is that crime…..


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