Colony Ridge Is Tied to Cartels, Drugs, a Death Cult & Gov Abbott


A citizen investigator found information about Colony Ridge. Colony Ridge is almost predominately an illegal alien community in Texas, and it’s massive, the largest colony in America. It has a population of 75,000 people and is growing quickly. People have wondered why Gov. Abbott hasn’t done more to stop this development. The investigator might have the answer.

Everything on the housing development website is in Spanish, and they give housing loans that do not require proof of citizenship. They don’t even need a valid Social Security number.

Haitian illegal aliens at the border.

ICE and Governor Abbott are nowhere to be found at Colony Ridge. He also points out that Abbott is on the World Economic Forum website.

The investigator, who calls his group Wretched Watchmen, went to the Texas Scorecard, which included an article saying Colony Ridge is known for its ties to the Sinaloa and Gulf cartels. They have one of the largest marijuana growing operations in the country on these lands. There was a multi-million dollar meth operation that was busted in 2021.

The development project is funded by one of Gov. Abbott’s biggest donors, William Harris, who contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Gov. Abbott. The watchman believes they are all in the same club. He believes this is one giant agenda, the forced migration, governors and the president working together, making sure these illegal immigrants come in.

The illegal aliens are pouring into this country and Europe. It’s planned.

Watchman also mentioned the Texas Massacre that took place there.



The mass murderer who killed five innocent Honduran nationals was on drugs and a member of the Santa Muerte Death Cult, a Satanic version of a religion followed by drug dealers and murderers. One overriding belief of the distorted religion is that there is no judgment of sins or crimes. The death cult has spread throughout the United States thanks to settlements like Colonia.



  1. This is great reporting. I did not know.

    Abbott has been phony the entire time, lots of tough talk and nearly no action.

    Conservatives who follow Texas closely insist he is part of the establishment.

    There are signs of this in media coverage. Media coverage tries to make Abbott a hero on the border as a smokescreen.

    Some of the media was trying to say that Abbott’s busloads were causing the problems in NYC. But Abbott has not sent but a tiny fraction of the invaders arriving out east.

    There has been another false claim in the media that Abbott sent the guard to the border to block entry. That is false, for example, the guard assists the crossings, it is on film.

  2. texas shouldn’t be a state it’s a 5th world country with no oversight of judges and da’s
    it’s a hate crime committing craphole of latino trash


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