Coming Soon – Fight Over Spying on Americans with a 702


The Biden administration took minimal steps to reform Section 702 minimally. The 702 regulation is a surveillance tool the government claims to need.

However, they’ve abused the tool at least 278,000 times.

“Biden’s Intelligence Advisory Board concluded that the tool should see minimal reforms as it comes up for reauthorization at the end of this year, but some Republican and Democrat Congress members are pushing for far more dramatic changes,” The Washington Examiner reported.

Reports from the Justice Department’s inspector general and the director of national intelligence have repeatedly found the FBI misused section 702. The 702 allows warrantless surveillance of foreigners but also allows for limited queries of U.S. persons if it ties to foreign intelligence gathering.

The advisory board report found the FBI, because of its domestic purview within the intelligence community, has made a “larger percentage of U.S. person queries” compared to the other agencies that have access to the tool, such as the CIA.

The report stated that 702 is meant to be a “preliminary exploratory tool” only to determine if the person or persons revealed are a target nefariously involved. The FBI said they did use it wrongly BUT ALMOST ALWAYS UNINTENTIONALLY 278,000 times.

The FBI is weaponized, so do we give them tools to spy on Americans?



  1. Mayorkas says that section 702 must be re-authorized because it helps them know more about their adversaries.

    He said adversaries.

    That is interesting.

    He did not say terrorists, criminals or enemies, he said adversaries.

    As presidential candidate , Trump is the adversary of Biden.

    Republicans are the adversaries of democrats.

    Was that a Freudian slip ?

    Is Mayorkas not aware he is revealing what they use 702 for ?

  2. Great commentary Daniele D’Souza! George W. Bush knew full well that he was setting the framework for tyranny and a murderous thug like Obama to use it against citizens. Obama is the puppet master pulling the strings for the destruction of America and Bush made it possible.


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