Commie Clowns Screaming and Crying As Police Arrest Them


This should bring a smile to your face no matter what party you align with.

This is the way to stop climate radicals from stopping traffic. Don’t take the crying and screaming in the clip seriously. When these radicals are trained, they are rehearsed to do exactly that for the cameras. They can then turn around and give the police bad press or sue. But Nevada is not New York City or San Francisco.

The hard left uses screaming and fake injuries as a tactic to make the police look bad and to keep them from doing their job. I know that because I jumped in on the training in a New York City park, pretending to be a communist during Occupy Wall Street.

The training includes chanting. If you hear the chant repeated enough, you might believe it. At least that’s what they hope will happen.

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” is one example. That was the lie told by a friend of the late Michael Brown after Brown was shot and killed. The friend falsely claimed Michael had his hands up and said, “Don’t shoot.” There was a video showing Brown was trying to ram the officer after having slugged him moments before, and some eyewitnesses told the truth.

“I can’t breathe” is another famous and dishonest chant. That was based on the death of a criminal who had asthma but physically resisted arrest. he was about 300 pounds and it took several officers to subdue him.

The chant at Wall Street’s Occupation was, “This is what democracy looks like,” but they were talking about communism.

The radicals will also jump in front of cars so they are brushed by one and can then claim the driver ran over them.

The next tweet is a case in point.

The media, mostly in cahoots with the far left, falsely claimed the police ran over protesters. They didn’t.

If you don’t believe me, go undercover yourself. These people are socialists and communists. Some are Stalinists, Maoists, Marxist-Leninists. It doesn’t matter except in terms of the level of violence they will accept.



  1. Those kids involved with those Communists have no idea what they’re dealing with. The simmering pot is approaching the boiling point. IF/when it becomes ugly the Communist leaders will sacrifice those kids that have been propagandized into believing the Communists BS.

  2. My hunch is the DOJ is working on an angle to charge the officers.

    The Biden criminal operation wants to eliminate hydrocarbon fuels. Those communists blocking the road are allies.

  3. So true! Lying tactics from amoral people! I have seen it for more than 65 years now. They prey on the good nature of others to generate sympathy through the most disgusting forms of manipulation.

    • That was good to watch. I see an officer who appears to be a native tell them they are on tribal property. And one guy when confronted by police tells them he is not involved though he was.


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